Media Trials : Indian Journalism reaches a new low

I have already made it clear my abhorence with the Indian Media in one of my earlier blogpost titled “Media – A Circus of Negative Entertainment”. I wrote it 5 years back the situation of Indian Journalism instead of changing has only worsened.

I am not concerned with the present government or its politics. This blogpost will address a much larger issue. An issue which concerns each one of us.

Its all jokes and memes until one himself/herself suffers the consequences of Indian Journalism. I could have stayed silent at the blatant abuse of civil rights, violation of basic human decency (read a woman’s honour) and privacy. However, my conscience didn’t allow me to witness such degradation in the human consciousness and be silent about it.

Journalism plays a crucial role in a democracy. Governments are elected or made on the basis of the public opinion. Journalism can truly be called the fourth leg of a democracy. The other three being Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

Media houses, publishing houses, TV Channels all constitute together and function together to give strength to a true democracy.

Simple, isn’t it?

How does Indian journalism fare when we compare it to the very foundations of true journalism?

Dismally! The picture Indian Journalists portray of themselves globally, is that they are-:

  1. Overwhelmingly Stupid
  2. Have no clue as to what they are reporting.
  3. Politically motivated.
  4. Singularly concerned with revenue generation.
  5. Targeting news with negative context. Because negativity sells better than anything else.
  6. Not concerned with the facts.

Let us take the example of Sushant Singh Rajput’s case of a disputed suicide. Initially, everyone was led to beleive that it was a case of suicide. Until Sushant’s family registered a FIR against his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty. What was seen as a consequence of mental illness/depression was now doubted to be a case of murder.

All hell broke lose after that. Labeling any “news” with the context of the above case with words like “super exclusive” , “breaking news” , “sensational” became the norm on Televison and other media outlet alike.

Indian journalists went to the extent of abusing Rhea on their respective news channels. They incriminated her already and passed judgements before the Indian courts could take a stand on it or arrive at a decision.

Chasing Rhea Chakraborty and his brother sometimes on foot and car became the new sensational “news story”. Some whatsapp chats were revealed wherein the issue of drug use cropped up. A whole another narrative began to unfold fueled by these news channels.

Because drugs were involved Indian Media somehow connected drug use to murder. The proof which they cited was itself disputed. The proofs first must be acknowldeged by the courts of this country. Before the media can pass a judgement on it. Isn’t this how a “Democracy” supposed to work?

The menace of having a completely free private media houses without proper regulatory laws is a topic of discussion which must be taken up by those in the legislature. What destruction to a person’s reputation, dignity and public life the media houses can bring for their greed is fairly evident in this case.

Above is the level to which Indian Media has stooped down too. Complete lack of empathy for a human being and absolute disregard of someone’s privacy is what the Indian Journalism represents now.

Indian journalists vehemently abuse, frame opinions and pass judgements on celebrities, political figures, social workers or anyone else for that matter.

An ex-employee of a popular Indian News Channel details out his experience with the founder/editor of that channel here.

Republic TV’s J&K Bureau Chief Tejinder Singh Sodhi is the latest to have quit. His e-mail to Honey Kaur, HR Head/VP – Republic where he writes in detail the reasons for his resignation exposes the murky side of Arnab and Republic and I’d like to believe this is the plight of Indian journalists across several media houses.

Directly Quoted -: From the Article.

Do the media houses think that the judiciary has failed this country? Is this not “anti-national”?

Who gives them the right to accuse and trial someone on the basis of mere whatsapp chats?

How is drug addiction related to crime?

In my opinion drug addiction is a problem which needs medical attention. Cannabis or weed is not even banned in european countries or the United States for that matter. Incrimanting someone on the basis of whatsapp chats and gaining traction/political mileage out of it sure is a crime against humanity.

While Rhea Chakraborty has been accused of practicing black magic, being a control freak and painted as the real-life Komolika, the character assassination of the Bollywood actor over the alleged use of drugs was led by Times Now’s Navika Kumar, based on some messages whose context, she thought, needn’t be provided.

Select portions from Chakraborty’s private chats, some dating back to 2017—when she wasn’t even in a relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput—were used to prove that she was ‘administering’ drugs to the late actor and boyfriend, in a well laid out plan to ultimately murder him.

Source : Rhea Chakraborty’s media trial shows Indians confuse drug addicts with criminals

The Indian Judiciary needs to take due course of action against these journalists and media houses. Something which needs to be done as soon as possible.

News which really matters is ignored by these so called “Warriors of truth”. News such as -:

Why are these issues which concern the masses at large not discussed at all? If it is so then such media houses are not needed. Simply because they are defending political interests and not democracy at large.

The country needs journalism with a solution oriented approach not a TRP oriented approach.

Creation happens at three levels : Thoughts-Words-Actions. If the thoughts are bad how can the resulting action be good?

The biggest criminals of all are these journalists who are seeding negative thoughts which will ultimately lead to negative actions. Promoting crimes at a collective level.

A news event ultimately is a report. A report is always submitted impartially , without any bias or taking a side. If this is not the case then i daresay its not a report but a propaganda.

Purpose of writing this post was to make the readers aware about the situation of Indian Journalism. Maybe a healthy discussion on these topics will lead to a solution instead of playing a blame game on prime-time television.

Peace out !

Love Always ❤ ,
Ayush Dixit

4 thoughts on “Media Trials : Indian Journalism reaches a new low

  1. Indian media as a fourth pillar of democracy has completely failed at upholding the sanctity of their profession barring a few. The media trial of Rhea Chakraborty is sickening to the core and what’s more shocking is that, there are very few people who realise this. Hatred, in general, seems to be on a rise and makes me wonder where will this lead our country.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so true Shreya . I am really appalled by these so called “human beings”. Waiting and watching until something similar happens to their friend, family or kin.

    I am happy that I atleast have the balls to address such issues.

    When our progeny questions us as to what we were doing when democracy was annihilated. At least I have an answer now. I had the balls to atleast write a post and be vocal about it. 😊


    1. Rightly said. Those few who can still make out all the wrong that is happening, need to keep voicing their opinion in whatever capacity they can. Atleast there would be contentment in the end that we were not mute witnesses.

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    2. Why are these issues which concern the masses at large not discussed at all?

      Take an example of suitation going in Maharashtra.
      1. In pandemic a survey by the public health department in four districts of Maharashtra has found significant under-reporting of malnutrition cases.
      percentage of wasting and of under-nutrition is higher than as recorded by the National Family Health Survey-4 and the Integrated Child Development System (ICDS), a scheme that provides free, nutritious meals to children.
      2.people dying as of insufficient oxygen beds in hospitals……
      3.Who cares about soyabeans farms didn’t yield good and debt of farmers.

      But all we are concerned about kangana ranaut vs shivsena 😅

      “Indian journalists vehemently abuse, frame opinions and pass judgements on celebrities, political figures, social workers or anyone else for that matter.”
      It is simply Indian mentally, becoz 80 % population are more concerned about whats going on in neighbourhood rather than focusing on what’s going on in their home. poking nose in others matter and defaming is very common.

      Farmer suicide.
      I’ll construction of roads in villages and town.
      Rape of women In front of her 5 year old son.
      16 lakh students fighting for 60 thousand medical seats😓 in college.
      Many more….
      Ye to roj ka h… Usme kya naya h…

      All we wait for tadka news.
      And say… “dekho ldki k chakkar m ldke n suicide kr li… Is ldki ko jail honi chahiye”
      Sounds too funny. Without investigation.

      People love to watch quarrels and pass judgment without even knowing the reason behind quarrel … Same media do to gain trp.

      Both media and masses r responsible.


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