Foray into Technical Blogging

Started my technical blog on medium in August . Will be posting stuff related to coding, python, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, VLSI, verilog, system verilog , self made python projects and lots more. Stay tuned -: Medium username – ayush_dixit A recent post : Some of the projects i did recently: More to come 🙂 🙂 Continue reading Foray into Technical Blogging

Got my Masters! Convocation @ IIT-I

Finally a Post-Graduate : We hustle for this day. We spent nights working on assignments, preparing for semester exams, working on projects, debugging, making sure in the process we are able to further our learning and its application. During the course of these 2 years pursuing my M.Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Indore. I was made privy to the brand ‘IIT’ and why it holds such an enormous reputation, prestige and popularity world over. Getting into the hallowed portals of IIT itself was a journey for me – documented in a book for that matter. Preparing for GATE one … Continue reading Got my Masters! Convocation @ IIT-I

2020 : A Year in Review

2020 changed the way we lead our lives. The socio-economic upheaval brought by the corona situation, our absolute inability to handle the pandemic. May it be developed or developing countries. We as human species inspite of our so called ‘technological advancements’ failed to contain the virus. Politicising the situation only made it worse with death counts rising exponentially as we saw happening in the USA. Continue reading 2020 : A Year in Review

Published my First Book !

A book on my path, a journey inwards. A journey which led me to become who i am today ! A beckoning of a call eternal. This book will surely be instrumental in elevating the reader into higher states of awareness, if read with an open mind sans judgements or assumptions. This is a book on ‘Experiential Spiritualism’. Spirituality which happens with direct experiences. After reading this book, I wish more people tread the path of experiential spirituality discarding comfort zone spirituality focusing on sensations instead of direct experiences and associated insights. Experiential Spiritualism leads to inherent transformations, it focuses … Continue reading Published my First Book !

Telecom Sector: Where India stands?

Working for more than a year in a globally renowned telecom giant made me realise a few things about the western dominance in every sphere of our technology. It is really sad to know that India stands NOWHERE when it comes to engineering or research in conventional or new technologies. We suck at it! We do not have a single chip making industry as of now. How can we even dream of researching subjects which aren’t practically taught in our labs? Be it IIT’s or NIT’s or any renowned private engg colleges. The output we get from them in one … Continue reading Telecom Sector: Where India stands?

Emergency Call Failure-WHO’S RESPONSIBLE?

If an emergency call fails who should be held accountable for the failure. The operator(Airtel, Vodafone, etcetra) or the laxity of the  policemen in which case the police stations and the masses blames the operator.Who shpuld be held responsible for such a grave issue? In reality an emergency call never fails. Let us understand the process of the call flow-: A subscribes via his UE(user equipment) dials an emergency number. In case of an emergency number the call is patched to the nearest network with maximum signal strength.. Irrespective of the operator’s SIM card you are using. If one has … Continue reading Emergency Call Failure-WHO’S RESPONSIBLE?