Published my First Book !

A book on my path, a journey inwards. A journey which led me to become who i am today !

A beckoning of a call eternal. This book will surely be instrumental in elevating the reader into higher states of awareness, if read with an open mind sans judgements or assumptions.

This is a book on ‘Experiential Spiritualism’. Spirituality which happens with direct experiences.

After reading this book, I wish more people tread the path of experiential spirituality discarding comfort zone spirituality focusing on sensations instead of direct experiences and associated insights.

Experiential Spiritualism leads to inherent transformations, it focuses on the ‘state of being’. Self-Realization happen when one gets to know oneself, a knowing beyond senses.


Book Description :

‘Path of Pathlessness’ is a journey into the mystifying realms of experiential spirituality. In a world which doubts metaphysical phenomena, even downright rejects them as hallucinations or delusions, publishing a book like this is a miracle in itself.

What is enlightenment?
Is it a milestone that one needs to achieve in one’s life or is it the awakening of Kundalini? Or the opening of the ‘third eye’. Is enlightenment only achieved by meditating in the caves of the Himalayas while sitting in a lotus posture for hours at length?

Written in the form of a memoir by an IITian, this book answers such pertinent questions of utmost relevance for a spiritual seeker with the help of direct experiences on the path; the path which led him into the hallowed portals of IIT.

Managing the worlds of engineering and spirituality and excelling in both of them, Ayush unearths nuggets of truth which will usher a genuine seeker into higher states of awareness.

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Oh! And don’t forget to leave the reviews. Helpful suggestions and encouragement are always invited especially for a newbie author like me 🙂 !

A New Chapter Begins !!!

Glad that my book got publsihed during Navratris. Divine Synchronicity indeed 🙂 !

Love Always ❤

Ayush Dixit

P.S. -: I have added a new page for my books. The readers may refer it as and when it gets updated.

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