“Path of Pathlessness”

An adage which sums up my journey on this terrestrial plane. A journey of seeking, experience and expression.

First off here goes my “Terrestrial Introduction” -: My name is Ayush Dixit. Presently, I am pursuing my M.Tech (Master of Technology) from Indian Institute of Technology, Indore(IIT-I). Working as a System on Chip Engineer in Qualcomm, an Industry Leader in Chip manufacturing, Design and Verification.

I am a researcher, engineer and techy by profession. I beleive that science and spirituality go together and if one refuses to accept the other than our growth as a civilization is not possible.

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With this blog i aim to shed some light on my personal discoveries into the subtle realms of spiritiuality and science both. I aim for an integration of spirituality with science,ย  one might say that the limitation of human mind is that it readily recognises what is in front of it. But fears or completely avoids the unknown or the subtle realms of existence.

Few who have chosen the path of unravelling mysteries of the subtle existence were seldom understood in their time even persecuted for their discoveries. The likes of Galilieo, Tesla, Edgar Cayce, etc continue to inspire us into undertaking the path into the unknown.

Almost all minds of greater intellect posses many qualities in common such as awareness of their purpose on earth, constantly living it, having conviction for their purpose greater than anything terrestrial. They understood that whatever is terrestrial may it be relationships, ownerships such as wealth, property, name and fame will fade away and is gone once a soul leaves the body.ย  Only awareness stays. Self-Discipline, consistency and utmost commitment to their work has been the common traits of geniuses across the world.

My journey as a seeker of fundamental questions such as Who am I? Why i am here? What is karma? Why am i on this planet? My purpose here? found answers in my path of pathlessness. As a disciple of World renowned spiritual guru Mohanji, by his grace iย  have witnessed states of existence elusive to the naked eye. I have experienced states of being which encompass pure ecstasy and bliss ultimately leading to a state of perpetual bliss.


In my experience the yogic traditions propogated by Nath Yogis and their principles of unconditional love governing the existencee as a whole, stands true and resonates with my state of being deeply.

With my blog, i wish to convey my experiences and apart from achieving integration of spirtuality with science(in crude terms) i also wish to address issues of social, political and technical importance.

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For any queries related to my posts or if you want to contribute in my research. You may drop a mail at -: writingconsciously@gmail.com

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Thank You !
Ayush Dixit

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  1. Grateful to you for sharing!
    In a world where most people try to fit in, it gives immense happiness to see someone being themselves ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love and light!

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