Disclosure-: Part 2 (ET Visitations)

Most often Aliens and ET’s or topics related to them are a subject of ridicule, incomplete information or just plain speculation. To get a clear perspective about them remains a challenge. People make fun of things which they do not undertstand, the subconscious programming via belief systems and traditions makes them oblivious to the ‘real world’ around them. One look at the mainstream news and you will get my point. Go to timesofindia.com or for that matter any other news outlet. The media focuses on bullshit. Like what is Jhanvi kapoor wearing and who trolled whom. Really? Lets check the … Continue reading Disclosure-: Part 2 (ET Visitations)

I am a believer and here is my message to the atheists.

Let us say ET races do exist. When they land on earth. What would they be wearing ‘a tilak’? ‘a topi?’ ‘a saffa?’ ‘a cross?’ or any other religious symbol? Since going by our belief system liberation cannot happen without following a set of beliefs isn’t it? So, those ET races will not attain salvation or liberation at all !! Thus implying that GOD is so cruel, partial, unjust and unfair!! But religions teach us that GOD is benevolent, impartial, just, compassionate and expresses unconditional love. So aren’t the customs or rituals contradictory to the teachings of religion itself ??!! Continue reading I am a believer and here is my message to the atheists.