2021: A Milestone Year

2021 was a milestone year for me. – Converted my Internship offer into a PPO in Qualcomm : my dream company.– Awarded postgraduate degree from IIT Indore. Read the much coveted “IITian tag”– Started my tech blog on programming, coding projects and AI– Earned 4 certifications in the field of AI/ML– Deployed 2 Industry Projects– Published the digital version of my book : “Path of Pathlessness” Next up are my goals for the year 2022 : – Roll out my very first video course on Mastering Python Programming– Post weekly on Medium and Linkedin– Hit the gym atleast 4 days … Continue reading 2021: A Milestone Year

2020 : A Year in Review

2020 changed the way we lead our lives. The socio-economic upheaval brought by the corona situation, our absolute inability to handle the pandemic. May it be developed or developing countries. We as human species inspite of our so called ‘technological advancements’ failed to contain the virus. Politicising the situation only made it worse with death counts rising exponentially as we saw happening in the USA. Continue reading 2020 : A Year in Review

Published my First Book !

A book on my path, a journey inwards. A journey which led me to become who i am today ! A beckoning of a call eternal. This book will surely be instrumental in elevating the reader into higher states of awareness, if read with an open mind sans judgements or assumptions. This is a book on ‘Experiential Spiritualism’. Spirituality which happens with direct experiences. After reading this book, I wish more people tread the path of experiential spirituality discarding comfort zone spirituality focusing on sensations instead of direct experiences and associated insights. Experiential Spiritualism leads to inherent transformations, it focuses … Continue reading Published my First Book !