Foray into Technical Blogging

Started my technical blog on medium in August . Will be posting stuff related to coding, python, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, VLSI, verilog, system verilog , self made python projects and lots more. Stay tuned -: Medium username – ayush_dixit A recent post : Some of the projects i did recently: More to come 🙂 🙂 Continue reading Foray into Technical Blogging

2020 : A Year in Review

2020 changed the way we lead our lives. The socio-economic upheaval brought by the corona situation, our absolute inability to handle the pandemic. May it be developed or developing countries. We as human species inspite of our so called ‘technological advancements’ failed to contain the virus. Politicising the situation only made it worse with death counts rising exponentially as we saw happening in the USA. Continue reading 2020 : A Year in Review