2020 : A Year in Review

2020, A year where everything went topsy-turvy. Everyone was affected at a personal level due to the Pandemic situation. We were forced to reflect on our lives, lifestyle choices, way of living and if i may say our very constitution.

2020 changed the way we lead our lives. The socio-economic upheaval brought by the corona situation, our absolute inability to handle the pandemic. May it be developed or developing countries. We as human species inspite of our so called ‘technological advancements’ failed to contain the virus. Politicising the situation only made it worse with death counts rising exponentially as we saw happening in the USA.

Developed countries who boast about their healthcare systems, found themselves helpless their medical infrastructure compromised.

2020 should be remebered as an year where-in our supposed to be invulnerable systems faced a greater match in Mother Nature. Reminding us of our fraility and helplessness when she strikes.

Keeping aside the propositions and disputed theories of a shadow biological warfare happening between USA and China. I would like to interpret the situation as a wake-up call from Mother Earth. Over-exploitation of natural resources, flora and fauna, Pollution alongwith the tendency of humans to trump everything in the wake of satisfying their biological needs resulted in forest wild fires in Australia, the amazon and in fact everywhere globally.

Australia/California Wild Fire 2020

2020 was an year where Mother Nature went full commando on our insensitive asses !

Well, well if i dwelve deeper into it, a mere blogpost certainly dwarves in size to the mammoth problems we face and continue to encounter as a result of our very own doing. I have addressed the issues earlier in several of my blogposts.

At a personal front, this year was a good one for me. I finally published a book on Experiential Spiritualism which consolidates my research on metaphysical topics, personal experiences, blogposts and associated understandings in the form of a memoir. The reviews have been amazing and i couldn’t thank enough the readers who took their time reading through it.

Cover of my Book -: Path Of Pathlessness

I haven’t promoted my book as of now maybe sometime in the future, when the situation permits. I shall be referring my book in subsequent blogposts so i shall recommend the reader going through it at least once. It is available on Amazon both the print and the kindle version. And available for free on Kindle Unlimited !

I am currently working as an engineering intern in Qualcomm my work currently being centered on Artificial Intelligence and SV/UVM (system verilog) on System on Chips(2nd year of M.Tech requires a Thesis). Going into the details of it might bore you so lets leave it at that. Intresting for me, my new found skills include Data Science and chip verification methodiligies.

The year ended with me getting a perfect 10 cgpa in my research project. Happened with me the first time in this lifetime. I will die a content soul, oh man cgpa matters so much ! (Sarcasm intended). However it does validates my research skills, so thought of mentioning it here. For the uninitiated.

Grade AA is 10 cgpa ๐Ÿ™‚

I read a lot, and this year i discovered some hidden gems. I shall list out below the major books i read -:

  1. A Promised Land – Barack Obama
  2. Mother Reveals herself – Biography of Anandmayi Maa.
  3. The 5 AM club – Robin Sharma ( A must read)
  4. Meditation Meeting the Eternal Within – Ravi Bhatt
  5. Python Programming – Ramsey Hamilton
  6. A Goddess Among Us – A boon written by a devotee of Anandmayi Maa
  7. Sri Swami Samarth Akalkot Maharaj – Dr. V.R. Prabhu : By His grace i was able to experience him physically
  8. Sci-Fi stories by Philip.K.Dick – Philip was way ahead of his time, futuristic and enthralling any work of Philip deserves a deep research.
  9. Guru Charitra -: A must read for an introduction to Lord Dattatreya and his workings and miracles.
  10. 9 Daily Habits of Warren Buffet

This year i also got my specialization in Deep Learning from Course-era, grateful to IIT Indore for sponsoring a much coveted after specialization.

AI is the future. A future we should embarce instead of running from it or making wild assumptions about it. Yes every new technology is disruptive and can have both good and bad sides, but isn’t that the case with everything on this planet? We live in duality homies! If implemented wisely it can have a positive impact if not we all have seen Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator.

Moving on, being a hardcore Starcraft 2 fan. This year SC2 was made free to play online. I have been playing SC2 since a long time now, only the offline version. But oh the multiplayer version is really the meat of the game. Currently i am hooked to it. When it comes to strategy nothing can beat this game!

Starcraft 2

Thus ends my year review. Everyday is important because we are moving towards ‘extraction'(death) each passing day. May that settle in us every day we wake up ๐Ÿ™‚ . Petty emotions and negativity do not matter in the long run. Only positivity and contributing to something which adds value to the society at large we live in, does.

Starting this year my blog is open for contribution for research into noetic sciences. High time we need to accept, acknowledge and carry forward ourselevs into the future. A future where your principles, dogmas and traditions are gonna get seriously challenged(covered in my book in greater detail). If you intend to contribute please visit -: https://pathofpathlessness.com/contact/

Welcoming the next year with open arms, may great healing happen on Planet Earth. May we be sensitive to the planet and its inhabitants.

เฅ เคถเคพเค‚เคคเคฟ |||

Thank you for your time reading this,

Stay blessed,
Ayush Dixit

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