Ayurveda : A possible cure for the CoronaVirus?

Ayurveda the miraculous science of ages, has again stunned us with a possible cure for the deadly Coronavirus. Below is the research outcome of In-House treatment for corona-virus. This was shared by the healthcenter here at IIT-I (Indian Institute of Technology, Indore).

An Excrept-:

“With this background, it is our pleasure to share with you all that none of the person undergoing this treatment is found to be infected till today [i.e. 1st May, 2020] and few of our relatives and patients have suggested this treatment to suspected corona patient and they all had recovered.”

1 corona

2 cor

This is a discovery which needs further attention. Its no news that Ayurveda needs to be promoted much more extensively world over. Delivery methods need to be streamlined for those who cannot afford or do not have resources available for making such medicines. We have a long way to go in our fight against the CoronaVirus. Indeed such research is a step forward.

Love Always โค โค โค


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