2019 : A year in review

I want to start by wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year! 2019 was a wild ride for me.

Getting a decent rank in GATE was the highlight of this year. Which made me visit almost all the IIT’s and IISc for interviews. Some I’d gone just to see what that particular IIT looks like ๐Ÿ˜€ . Talk about satisfying my cravings to get a glimpse of them all since my JEE days. I might as well give you a detailed review of each IIT with a star rating but that’s for another post I guess.

IIT BHU, IIT Guwahati, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Hyderabad, IISc bangalore, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Kharagpur and even IIT bhubaneshwar :P. My Google maps timeline will vouch for it!

Well I know what you are thinking. Did I go to IIT kanpur? Hell no Nigga! No way. I shunned it on purpose. New readers who are wondering and do not follow my blog like they should first thing in the morning must read my previous blogposts on IIT kanpur.

A plight of the one who has cleared GATE with a good rank must also be taken into account. Every IIT is autonomous so they decide when an interview is scheduled without consulting other IITs interview schedule this is because there is no streamlined process or a centralized commitee to regulate and administer the interview and written exam process for mtech admissions in IITs. Thereby, much energy and money is wasted just to appear in these interviews. Sometimes, dates for these interviews also clash. One day you are supposed to reach IIT guwahati and on the very next day you are supposed to reach IIT gandhinagar. Both cities at extreme corners of India. Than again who gives a damn, apparently hiking the mtech fee and stopping the stipend for new entrants is more important.

Finally, I chose IIT Indore to pursue my Masters of Technology in Communication and Signal processing from different offers. After coming here I can say that it is the coolest IIT. How I love the colour blue ;). Except the mess food. When it comes to the food department well I will hve to say that please do something about it. It is shit. Just kidding(or am I? ) ! Please don’t withhold my degree :)))).

Me and mah swagger!!! (IITian kaun hai?)

Hostels here or more precisely the ‘Halls of Residence’ are heaven when compared to other IIT hostels. They have given us a 5 bhk flat with a attached kitchen, sofa, WiFi and 24*7 hot water facilities. It’s really good!

There ends my review of IIT Indore. Yeah! I covered the things important to me that is food and hostel. ๐Ÿ™‚ OK let’s cover the academics part too. After my first semester which ended in November I learned a lot.

The very first thing I learned after mid-sems is that one won’t get marks by writing anything in the answer sheet ๐Ÿ˜› . Revelations! For a guy coming from UPTU(Whatever is the name now :P) background. New questions are framed in each quiz and semester exams. Woah! Gazab! So, I had to study accordingly that is one day before exams ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› .

I chose Machine learning as my elective subject which trumped all the other subjects and took most of my time. The theoretical part consists of probability and statistics. While the coding part also requires one’s undivided attention. I made a project as required by the course curriculum on “Early Cancer Detection Using Genome Atlas” which translates to predicting cancer via tumorous and benign cells data analysis. Great learning experience!

True that!

It was really hectic, my first semester. With projects, studies, research and oh of course TA Duty.

I would like to point out that my interest in Machine learning and AI stems from David Wilcock’s Cosmic Disclosure revelations (please Google and do a little bit of research) and Elon Musks concern for an ever evolving AI which threatens our very own existence.

My personal experience of working in this domain familiarised me with many machine learning models and data preprocessing techniques which give accurate prediction results and sometimes even scary when compared to the actual data.

This being an individual’s application of machine learning models via python programming language implemented on real time datasets. What must happen in big corporations and to the extent the machine learning models are used in industries is open to speculation. No wonder Musk has his concerns in place. As, machine learning is an integral part of AI or more importantly the foundation on which AI is based upon.

The 21st century will be an age of AI. Data science is here to stay and boom in the coming 20 years or so.

Talking about things happening in the ‘mainstream world’. I have been made privy to the beginning of a massive turmoil happening in national and international politics. Trump got impeached and here our beloved Modi ji and cutie pie Amit Shah frame new policies every month. Well, i am not the kind of guy who will bitch about Congress and BJP and their history of bills and acts. What definitely concerns me is the state of research in our country. I mean they hiked the mtech fee for new entrants which they had to finally roll back but decision of stopping mtech stipend remains as it is.

Why did you stop mtech stipend? Nai batao mereko janna hai. As it is there is job scarcity in India on top of that Rs 12400 is nothing. Atleast the government must flush out Rs 25000 as bare minimum. If the country wants brilliant minds pursuing research.

I mean the justification provided was that students use MTech as a stop gap approach. OK! Hmm so they thought let’s stop the stipend altogether and increase the fee. So that those who get a good rank prefer a government job rather than making their career in research. Aisa kaise chalega? IIT Council itself lacks logic in its counter-intuitive thinking which harms the nation’s progress altogether.

In fact, all IITs are a stop gap approach for Indian students to settle abroad. I mean who are we kidding. As a placement coordinator here I am now familiar with the psychology of students. So the logic of stopping stipend is bonkers. And not expected from IIT Council which should be the seat of logic in this country. Just because institutions have a pending loan of thousands of crores does not mean they extract it from students. What is the government for?

I am hopeful that things will turn for the better. Setting powerful intentions in place, I welcome the new year 2020.

May you find yourself in a good shape financially, spiritually and mentally. May we all elevate ourselves to a place of higher awareness rooted in inner wisdom, love and compasssion. ๐Ÿ™‚

Indeed :)!

Happy New year 2020 !!!

Love Always โค๏ธ

2 thoughts on “2019 : A year in review

  1. Haha does it seem like that? Well most of my time was spent in library and taking care of research work.. Course work here was hectic so no time for enjoyment ๐Ÿ˜›


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