A Soul’s Journey


How many times have we asked these questions to ourselves. Why God, why me? Why am i the only one who has to face such shit avalanche in my life. When everyone you see is in a better situation, we blame god for everything which goes wrong in our lives. Or if not God we blame someone for mishappenings, situations which have gone haywire.

Seldom we reflect upon our actions or meditate upon the situations which have led to a miserable circumstance in our life. Earth is but a prison planet if i might say so, drawing such an analogy comes from the karmic law which governs this planet. An eye for an eye, is how this planet works, and that is particularly why we can progress in leaps and bounds by learning from our sufferings. Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. With it comes compassion and empathy for fellow human beings who might be going through the same circumstances.

A soul’s journey on this planet comprises of many thousands of lifetimes, in different bodies. It takes many lifetimes before a craving for liberation, craving for truth finally settles in. Before liberation from the karmic cycle happen, a soul has to dissolve his every identity and every desire before he realizes the ultimate truth.

Awareness is the key. We as human beings are only aware of the physical body and its needs, how many of us have asked this question as to what happens after death? Even if we have asked this how many of us have sincerely embarked on the quest of finding answers? Those are very few people indeed who have the guts to walk the path ofย  self-realisation. Familial ties, urges, desires, attachments, addictions, intellectual masturbation, self doubt and everything in between hurls itself at us, not an easy task to remain steadfast in our journey.

Sure, we hear many different theories about spirituality, paths or religions but that stays at the level of discussion or a routine that must be followed. Experience doesn’t drive us when we seek truth most of us do spiritual activities as a display or for family reunion or to earn brownie points from society. This is the primary reason why the human race is suffering, pretentious existence which guarantees a wasted lifetime.

If only one could see existence in all its glory the physical plane seizes to be so alluring or for some so miserable. Everything happens for a higher purpose but this remains as just a saying for many, what if we are able to literally see it happening in front of our eyes. What if you are perfectly aware of everything you have manifested in your life the situations, relationships, health and work.

Awareness is the only thing one can invest in and which stays after death, and for ensuing lifetimes. One might ask the kind of awareness i am talking about? Does that mean seeing fairies and nymphs or going to garden of eden in an other plane of existence. Well if you are interested in that you might be happy to know that such things do exist not on this plane though but if you can astrally project yourself and are sufficiently evolved. You can do so. But it happens automatically once you are ready for it, out of body experiences make you aware of thingsย  which you have only fantasised about.

On top of that wholesome awareness about your path, your life and purpose on earth is the kind of awareness i am talking about. If achieved it gives us immense clarity and with it commences a blissful existence. ๐Ÿ™‚


About the planes of existence -: On these planes of existence need for words ceases to exist and everything is communicated via thoughts or thought forms. Maneuvering existence i.e, going to any plane can be done with will power alone, one just needs to have the intention and the universe will provide.

Accepting everything and flowing with life with awareness is the way to live and thrive. Death is just a transition from one plane of existence to other. I sincerely hope the reader is able to reach the state of self realization at his own time and pace. Why am i saying this? Because destiny also plays a major role everything from your birth to death is pre-decided the associations you will make, shitstorms you will brave, the kind of family you will be born in all depends on the karma you have to exhaust here which takesย  the form of destiny.

Which also means that no “two day or one week workshop” can guarantee self-realisation. It doesn’t work that way. Sure they can give you good sensations but that’s all they can give you. Quite recently i went to such a workshop so i am speaking from experience. Self realisation is highly individualistic conforming to a system of beliefs without any experience is just adding trashing to one’s own mind.

Love Always โค โค โค …

P.S.-: I am grateful to my Masters Hanumanji and Mohanji who have endowed me with this experiential Knowledge of self realization. I say experientialย  because i have had countless experiences with their grace. Thank you my gurus.. Love ya โค ๐Ÿ™‚ย  !!!

Interesting reads-:

“A Soul’s journey” by Peter Richelieu
“Journey of Soul – Case Studies of life between lives” by Michael Newtonย 
(Strongly recommend)ย 



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