Why suicides are happening in IIT Kanpur?

Every hour one Student in India commits suicide. Through this post I would like to explore the causes behind such a scenario from my personal experience with IIT Kanpur. It is a well known fact that IIT Kanpur is the highest among suicides and here I will tell you the reasons why?

I was selected in MS(R) interviews for signal processing and communication. You can even check my name on the site. I received the mail in evening of 28th November and the interview was scheduled on 30th November. IIT Kanpur somehow assumes that either you have portal technology to manifest anywhere at will otherwise you are filthy rich and can afford airplane tickets just a day before.

The kind of sensitivity that IIT Kanpur displays towards its future students is evident here. Luckily been from Lucknow I was able to come via bus but what about others who were from hitherto parts of the country?

It’s not that they are oblivious to this. Even upon reaching the interview venue they called us at 8:00 AM the managing faculty arrived in the lecture hall around 10:00 AM, the first question he asked was “How you guys were able to come?”. Ok so is this a joke for you? Are you calling students from all over India for your sadistic pleasures?

The Interview Experience

I was called at 8:00 AM and my interview happened at 5:30 PM!!!

The interviews which I have given earlier and I have given many from job interviews to academic ones. The common pattern is first the interviewer gives 2-3 minutes to the candidate to relax them. As we already are so nervous beforehand. But here it was totally opposite.

When I entered the interview room there were 4 professors sitting around a round table. The one who was heading the interview I recognised him by his face as I used to follow his lectures on a subject(Digital Communication) on nptel. It is one thing to follow someone and a totally different thing when the person is in front of you, that too interviewing you.

For a few minutes I was speechless. Also I would like to mention here that. I was not feeling well since a few days and somehow came to Kanpur. I had cough-cold and fever on the day of interview. I took some medicines in order to survive the day’s ordeal.

Students who were interviewed before me had only this to give as a feedback “Bhai ghante Bhar khare karwa ke maar rahe!!”

I was mentally prepared but not so much as to face an IIT celebrity face to face.

A question he asked me was, why you left your job in such a good company and applied for this course. I replied that I left my job to pursue research. You won’t believe what the NPTEL lecturer had to say on this. He said but there is no research happening in IIT Kanpur. So why opt for MS?

I was stunned and didn’t knew how to react. Yes it’s a known fact that IITs are only known for publishing research papers and no concrete research ever happens here. But to hear it from an IIT professor of that stature is a different thing altogether.

Another professor then just asked me to get the marker and proceed onto the whiteboard.

Ok, I thought maybe that’s how it goes. So, I approached the whiteboard. The professor than asked me to write a difference equation. So I wrote and than he said to wipe it out as he didn’t say to write it. What the fuck is wrong with you bro? Alzeheimer? Substance abuse? Alcohol Intoxication? Amnesia? Didn’t take your vital vitamins? Or your IIT brain collapsing on itself like a sun going black hole?

I couldn’t understand, he than asked me if I will proceed by myself or what he says .. I said whatever you say obviously. You are the interviewer.

“Haan Hum toh BC Dene ke liye Aaye hai na”

So he than asked me to write the difference equation again this time what he says. I agreed and than he proceeded on to dictate the equation. Which was the same one I wrote earlier. You fucking with me prof?

By then I knew that these sadistic and frustrated so called gurus were here to just ridicule and make fun of the interviees. So I played along. Now the bhagwaan of communication the nptel guy asked me a question which I was unable to answer though it was basic. But I couldn’t remember as I didn’t revise anything prior to coming here.

So the next guy asked me a question I don’t know what was about his face. He was smiling continuously. So cringy! The question went like this. Draw the Gaussian distribution curve.. so I did and than he said “You are getting Gaussian samples from a pdf. What will be the mean of the samples ? ” I never could make head or tail of the question because it was ambiguous.

That’s it, two questions asked in 20 minutes and the interview was over. Not because I lacked knowledge no no no no.. but it was getting late for these sadistic fucks and they needed to masturbate after having a hard on all day with the interviews.

Jokes apart , the primary reason was they had to finish the interview as many guys were remaining after me.

Not even an ounce of regard or honour for the candidates. They were treating everyone like shit. Everyone had the same experience of that panel.

Even those who were selected last year had the same experience they went on to say that there was nothing they could answer but didn’t know how they were selected. Coz sadism is the most important criteria for these IIT professors.

Again there was another panel which was better than this one but destiny is all!!!

Also, During my waiting for the interview I literally saw 4 guys begging these professors for marks. Professors are everything in IITs especially for an MTech/MS student. I got to know that people there had to overstay to complete their degree like 3 year degree in 4 years just because the professors didn’t approve. You have to make them happy by doing menial jobs for them. And everything they demand off you. I literally saw it happening in front of my eyes.

My cousin brother did his BTech from IIT kanpur way back in 1999 . So I was interested in it. But after this experience God forbid! Such an ambience of depression and sadism the air there was toxic and reeking with mental misery and distress.

The important questions here to ask is why are these IITs so overrated and massively funded when they aren’t contributing anything?

The most important question is why are these institutions operated when they have zero research to contribute?

Another one why there is no regulatory committee or panel who reviews these professors and if they are ethically fit for teaching? I have even heard of professors taking substances like ganja(weed) before classes.


I would like to deliver a message through this blog to the students. “Latko nai latkao BC!” .. ๐Ÿ™‚

CGPA needs to be maintained but more than that. Start asking questions with the system why it is so? Until and unless everyone is aware and ready to take action not much will change anyway.

I really don’t think one should commit suicide just because a depressed, sadistic good for nothing individual is harassing you. Life is a journey. Every moment a mystery. What can happen in future no one knows. You can become an influential person of authority and your experiences can guide others. Suicide is for cowards it is living life every moment that takes real strength.

Thank you for your time reading this…

Love Always โคโคโค

P.S. -: Some links here to further explore this issue.




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