Me Too

All of us are familiar with the Me Too movement ‘India version’. Girls are coming out and targeting celebrities for sexual assaults which happened quite a while(read decades ) ago.

In a society which has lost its touch with the divinity within and only wants the opposite sex for sensory gratification. This is bound to happen.

I am an imperfect guy. I am a ordinary human being when compared to the likes of celebrities or anyone famous. Still, i just thought that I should share my opinion and experiences.

Ok! beginning with a screen shot. Here’s a guy who commented on my blog or rather replied to a comment. A lady here commented on my blogpost as she loved it. A random guy replies to the comment with this-:

Seriously, what the fuck bro? Are we Indians so desperate. No wonder bobs and vegene is what we are looking for.

Ok i am not a saint i know… And i should not preach but i can at least point out bullshit when i see it. And this is a personal experience. Even when i was with my girlfriend the creeps made it really impossible to have a decent conversation while in a public place. Everywhere you go one can see eyes staring at u more on ur partner tho.

Grow up India! So, he needs a sexual girl well this might be news to you guess what?! ‘every girl is sexual’ but they ain’t having sex with you no way bro! Go somewhere else. Ironically this guy is into spirituality as is evident from his Facebook profile which i later looked up. What should i say? here I am posting my research on the internet for all to see. Still the bobs and vagene populace finds a way to get what they ‘want’. ๐Ÿ™‚

In India it’s a taboo to have sex before marriage, men are confused as they fight with their hormones and ‘morals’. And so are women. They have a lot to endure and fight for though when compared to us. I am not even a girl and this was just a random comment i mean seriously are you so desperate that you are replying to a ladies comment with your mobile number!

So u are hoping that the girl will call u up. I mean how will the conversation go have you even thought about it? “Hi Mohit, so yes i am a sexual girl really liked the brevity of your comment, lets have some fun, so your place or my place?” :D. What is the mentality behind such insane stupidity I really just want to know!

However, delving deeper into the meaning of relationships. A complete relationship for me is where both parties are fulfilled sexually, emotionally and karmically. Also, if the relationship is not for a higher purpose it won’t work. I have already said this time and again. I mean you have fun and than what? There should be a purpose behind two souls coming together.

But that is far from the point. If women endure men do too.

Statistics speak for themselves. More than 50 percent of the rape cases are false. Complaints are registered either for revenge or to malign someone’s name or image.

Both genders are suffering because of confused morals(closed mindedness) and distorted definition of love which is in reality “universal” .

Relationships don’t work because people say something and don’t mean it. No integrity of any kind left in our society.

What to do in these times? Well Go within urself analyse and process. What do u want? There should be perfect clarity in-fact about every aspect of our life. Confusion gives rise to chaos and anarchy.

Why as a society have we come to such a point where people go to social media for seeking revenge? Do they have no trust in the judiciary and hence looking for pressure groups in the media and elsewhere. If thats the case, why is such a system in place?

When one knows that substance abuse is a reality and leads to crimes such as sexual assaults, rapes and even murder why not ban those substances and put in strict regulation? Punish crimes with an iron hand. Obviously this can can not be done, because the system doesn’t work!

Negativity and abuse happens in a relationship quite often. Nobody is a saint and we all had our fun moments in life where we held no bars and kept a ‘no strings attached relationships’. But that shouldn’t make one an easy target. Respect is mutual. If you bitch about somebody until and unless he is a Buddha or a being from a higher dimensional planet where there are rainbows and unicorns and a smile on everybody’s face one is bound to react.

We are on ‘Earth’ a planet of suffering. And why are we here? Because we need to process our shit!!! And than attain liberation(mukti).

I am no saint and i am processing my shortcomings which are many. In fact i believe i am the most imperfect guy. But that doesn’t mean that one should go rambo on each other’s asses! There would be utter chaos as is happening now.

The primary reason why a human being takes birth is for liberation. Anything other than that is distraction. And that is precisely why the sanatan dharma advocates for the four ashrams.

About girls though I think i might get the ire of some feminazis if i say this. But woman are you confused!!!!

You go and make a profile on tinder where u update your bio with things like “not here for sex”. Ok? Hmmm? What are you there for? Long term relationships and than shaadi? There is Bharat matrimony and for that check them out. Why tinder?

When you are in a relationship you are confused about the difference between companionship and friends with benefits. Expectancies becomes a binding chain.

Let’s chat about friends with benefits. What the fuck is that? Ok so we like have sex a couple of times and than you want me not to get attached to you. Ok but than why the fuck do u want all the perks of a relationship to go with it? One should support you through ur emotional turmoil and mood swings which happens like every 2 hours and should expect nothing in return. Because if a man expects sex he is selfish and thinks about himself. No way! he should only think about u but when he things about you. He becomes clingy! And when he is neither of the two he is not giving you attention. And so it’s time to break up and move on.

Yeah! Welcome to the shit show of the relationship scenario in India.

My point simply is when one is not happy with oneself, how can he make others happy?

The best thing to do in these times perhaps is to keep one’s mouth shut and meditate. Maybe this fuck that meditation will help you. ๐Ÿ™‚

I beleive this post might have offended you. Coz we Indians are offended by everything. So sensitive we are. Awwwww!

2 thoughts on “Me Too

  1. That is so beautifully spoken and written Ayush! I am not even from India but it can relate to whole world. Mainly things about friends with benefits.


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