DISCLOSURE -: PART 1(The Awakening)

I have been researching on physical and metaphysical subjects since, i was 15 years of age now i am 25 which makes my work experience in this field of around 10 years. 10 years of continous research. In this time, i have seen conspiracy theorists, experiential spirtitualist, alternative media, whistleblowers and free energy advocates dumbed down, executed or silenced through various means.

A prime example related to these heinous activities would be an alternative indian media outlet “ India Daily” . Not only this online newspaper covered alternative sciences and present technology in great detail but also the type of civilization the earthian governments have encountered.

This was in 2008 when i was in grade 10 . I used to read it daily and then one day it disapperead off the internet. No f@cking trace! there are slight mentions of this in some newspaper if you optimise your search on google.

I tried many keywords but nothing concrete showed up. There were some doscussion forums on yahoo, 4Chan and abovetopsecret.com highlighting its disapperance and how the technology covered was beyond anything earthly.

So yes it did exist and cover up happened in front of my very own eyes!

What led to its disappearance and is there a hidden sinister force concealing matters of extraterrestrial subjects from going mainstream. I mean the mass conaciousness is still stuck at “ Are we alone?” A question of utmost foolery and naiviety.

The Deep State

This and many other incidents like it made me inquisitive about the true nature of control which is gripping the planet ultimately leading to forced poverty, usseless law-order system, rampant corruption, rigged political systems, societal divisions and on top of all Insensitivity towards Mother Earth.

All my research from hitherto sources led to this conclusion of a shadow government ruling the planet. Let us just call it Deep State at the moment as it is most commonly referred to in alternative media circles.

Evidence of the so called Deep State

Thankfully, Edward Snowden has made many big revelations about the same. He disclosed massive amounts of classified information about how the US government concealed a whole fucking branch of jurisdiction from public eyes. Now please let it sink.


Named as National Reconaissance office functioning as Monitory and survelliance of every American citizen and suspected terrosists abroad which included smartphones laptops and internet data. Anything related to your accounts was read and decoded while you were watching “Netflix and chilli’n”

About Edward Snowden

So yes we are in deep shit… How deep? No-one knows for sure!

There have been many disclosures event which are happening all over the world but each one of them never made into the mainstream news channels.

The latest one would be the Sirius Disclosure.

It was an event which had perhaps the widest reach. And just when everyone started noticing it, twas silenced.

More on this in the second part of this series which will cover the extraterrestrial presence on earth.

Love Always ❤

4 thoughts on “DISCLOSURE -: PART 1(The Awakening)

  1. Hi Ayush 🙂
    Nicely written blog. I have read and agreeably so, that ‘they’ are not making themselves known because human species is extremely hostile. And that, our mass consciousness has to be raised at a higher frequency to connect with the benevolent extraterrestrials. I have had two beautiful experiences with stars in the night sky and some dreams too. I am not sure if they were real encounters ( Felt real though !) or the side effects of looking too much into alien stuff. Thanks for adding the link to ‘The sirius disclosure’ , they have quite a lot of documented evidence. I wonder why the government is not coming down upon these sites as they are letting out the truth. My intuition wants to believe what I am feeling but my scientific mind mocks my intuition that it is secretly hoping for an adventure and that aliens are figment of collective human imagination. There is a conflict going on and I wish that my intuition wins.


    1. Thank you Shreya for your input 🙂 … i intutively knew that you would resonate. I understand what you are going through it may seem a little overwhelming at first. But trust me facts are stranger than fiction. I can vouch for it because i write from personal experiences and thats why it makes sense.

      Aliens have been here since time immemorial in fact earthian life is alien. Darwinian theory does not account for more than 90% of our DNA hence it is termed as junk DNA. Never doubt your intution it is the closest thing to GOD 🙂

      BTW would you like to join my telegram group?


  2. Thanks Ayush for your kind and encouraging words. However, I would like to correct you at the point where you said Darwinian theory does not account for the junk DNA. We all have evolved from single celled prokaryotic organisms which in turn arose from small organic molecules. Evolution is a well established fact. So, our DNA has arisen as a result of all kinds of evolutionary processes ( Mutation and natural selection). Its just that the junk DNA forms the non coding part meaning it does not code for proteins. It by no means implies that it is of alien origin. The term ‘junk DNA’ is actually misleading as it does have certain roles in cellular processes. Scientists are still working on finding out its other important roles. Having said that, I completely agree that bacterial life has been found in outer space which certainly implies that life must exist on other planets based on the principles of natural selection, just with environmental conditions (selection pressures) different from earth. Hence, my belief in aliens. I also to a certain extent, believe in the starseed concept if it is analysed in the light of ‘soul’ seeding from other star systems rather than actual seeding of life forms.
    P.S – I am not on telegram and any other social media platform for that matter. And my apologies for spamming your comment section with lengthy writeups. I would surely like to carry forward these conversations over email as unfortunately, its hard to find people with this line of thought.
    Best wishes 🙂


    1. https://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/ancient-viruses-are-hiding-within-your-dna/


      The second article accounts for a signal stamp by aliens on our DNA. All humanoid life has been seeded from other star systems. Junk DNA is just another buzz word for we dont beleive in our origins.

      You may also google “Ancient builder race- Corey goode and David Wilcock” to get an idea where i am coming from.

      And dont apologize for your write-ups as it is very few get them. In fact i like your weite-ups so feel free to add in your inputs. Your thoughts are engaging and logically written. If you have an idea to take this further via groups or social media. So that we can gather like minded individuals, feel free to share it as well.

      Thank you !


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