Commitment and Relationships


How can a person commit to another person and on what level are they committing to each other?

I always found it hilarious when listening to ‘cute couple talks’ about commitment in a relationship. Who we are committing too? Is it the body of the other person, the thinking associated that we will be always physically loyal to them no matter what?

Well this aint possible guys and gals. And I think that’s why we see so many broken relationships leading to negativity in thought, words and action eventually when expectations do not get fulfilled.

Broken commitment
Commitment a mutual binding.

Human life is full of illusions at every path. The human mind can only perceive the visible spectra and cannot see beyond that. That is one of our limitations. Similarly, when we ‘commit’ we are operating from a sensual/physical level. One likes someone’s personality, the way he expresses himself/herself moreover if one is a ‘maal’ or a dude. Commitment happens at a rapid pace 😛 . Thereby proving that commitment nowadays is only limited to physical attributes.

People get hurt when expectations aren’t fulfilled, this can be on a sexual or emotional level. Leading to a catastrophe in their personal life. Addiction to stuffs happen and slowly but steadily decay in consciousness also takes place.


If relationships are based only on infatuation/crushes for someone’s body or personality. It will surely lead to suffering as desires have no end. Someday someone with a better persona will arrive thrusting ‘commitment’ down the drain.

As a human being, we have needs. Sexual need the strongest amongst them, coz we long for love and connection in our life. Someone who truly understands us and is there for us no matter what! An emotional level of commitment.

But do we see this happening in the real world? Obviously not! As time and space progresses, people change and they have to because of the varying situations happening in their life. Who we are to blame then? The person or the situation? Both of which aren’t in our control. Factually nothing is!

Sexual connection leads to exchange of energy which in turn leads to illusory love when in reality it is just hormones playing their ‘feel good’ part(Dopamine) . Thereby proving that ‘love’ cannot happen with a physical frame it is just exchange of energy, fluids and intimate talks .

True love is universal in nature it isn’t limited to a ‘person’, ‘place’ or ‘thing’. True love is unconditional in nature and can only happen with oneself alone. Unconditionality has no attributes associated with it. When love is unconditional there are no expectancies at any level may it be physical or emotional. We love someone not for his personality but we see ourselves in them.

Commitment and all is bullshit once we look at it from this perspective. Commit to yourself!, instead.  

Relationships can only be successful when there is a higher purpose involved behind two people getting together, keeping expectations at a bare minimum. Higher purpose can be when one thinks of others and works towards it rather than their own selfish needs. Otherwise, desires have no end and suffering associated with them will be truly eternal for both parties ‘committed’ to each other 😛 !

higher purpose


Thank you for your time,
Love Always ❤ ,
Ayush Dixit

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