A Christmas gift from unearthly friends

This christmas was the best and damn do i feel happy about it ๐Ÿ™‚ , though i am a hindu and celebrating or associating with christmas is not in my culture still personally i love jesus christ and his teachings of universal love.

Having said that there is a whole book about him being an ET soul (Book name -: Thiouba prophecy ),ย  his purpose of taking birth on earth was the preservation of dharma and spreading the message of universal love.

Lets not venture too far though and focus on the expereince i had on this 25 December 2017. If you are not aware about the term UFO, Lightships and UAV’s i would like to throw some light on both these two terms and the meaning they really imply.

UFO-: Unidentified Flying Object or (We-Know-what-it-is-but-aint-gonna-admit-it-coz-it-destroys-our-beleif-system)

UAV’s or Uindentified Aerial Vehicles-: Now these are shiny metallic objects in triangular planar or metallic form. They are mostly reverse engineered UFO’s by the military of any of the elite nations such as USA, Russia, Germny so on and so forth.

Lightships-: ET aircrafts manouvered by subtle beings(i m not going into the dimensional perspective like 4D, 5D…11D beings) so lets stick to that here.

Now what i saw was a lightship radiating red, green and yellow colours. When one is in contact with a lightship the communication happens telepathically.

ALSO in order to differentiate a UAV FROM A UFO OR A LIGHTSHIP the key is establishing a telepathic communication. Otherwise it is just a gross human entity sitting in there inhabiting a primitive consciousness with hands on advanced technology.

So, to differentiate between a UAV andย  LIGHTSHIP one has to carry purity and eligibility for telepathic communication. As i was a little bit skeptical about my eligibility and the sight i was witnessing i telepathically communed that if it is a lightship please take a 90 degree turn sideways(not possible for the UAV’s to do so). To my surprise the lightship stopped midair (it was glowing red) and stood there for atleast 3-5 seconds how is that possible for a terrestrial vehicle? Then slowly it started drifting and took a 90 degree turn rose up and rapidly increased its speed and then it took a 90 degree turn again. I was like woah man! this sure is cool . I didnt fear the craft at all it was like friends playing with each other, they just got few highly advanced toys thats it, LOL!

red ufo
A Red lightship. Source: Google

I was amazed and awed by the experience. Disclosure surely is upon us, only thing really matters is our acceptance of universality and keeping an open mind.

I do not consider myself special in any way to witness such an experience. People all over the world have been witnessing lightships since many decades in the recent years the sightings have peaked as we are moving into the golden age. It is just not so mainstream as the human consiousness is still based in fear, soap operas, hollywood, bollywood etcetera bullshit.

Fear must be replaced by love alone. Love for the being and the universe only then one can taste existence in all its entirety.

P.S.-: I dont use a smartphone coz it makes me dumb ๐Ÿ˜› , so i dont have a picture, the picย  attached is the closest resemblance to the lightship i witnessed.

Thank you for your time,
Love Always โค โค โค


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