Telecom Sector: Where India stands?


Working for more than a year in a globally renowned telecom giant made me realise a few things about the western dominance in every sphere of our technology.

It is really sad to know that India stands NOWHERE when it comes to engineering or research in conventional or new technologies.

We suck at it!

We do not have a single chip making industry as of now. How can we even dream of researching subjects which aren’t practically taught in our labs? Be it IIT’s or NIT’s or any renowned private engg colleges. The output we get from them in one word is ‘Nothing’.ย 

Indian graduate populace is forced to look for jobs abroad as the industrial scenario is shit here.

We have no clue about what is going wrong. The whole education system is based on money for degrees instead of imparting ‘quality practical education.’ Which can really make a difference.

Ok, enough of my rant about the education system. Lets move on to telecom sector where the scenario is the same as other technological sectors.

India cannot boast of a single domestic vendor company which can handle a network. All the big players in the telecom market are of foreign origin.

Reasons cited above, government has to do something about this as our whole communication network lies in the hands of foreign hosts. Such as China, Sweden, Japan, etcetera Companies like nokia, rapidly expanding Huawei, ZTE, Samsung and Ericsson are the major players in the managed services arena.

Our communication networks are sensitive and in foreign hands. Can we trust government funded Chinese companies which form a major chunk of Indian networks in times of wars?

Why even after 70 years we aren’t technologically self-reliant in sectors where it matters the most???

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