Emergency Call Failure-WHO’S RESPONSIBLE?

Passerby Making Emergency Call For Ambulance
Passerby near unconscious senior woman making emergency call

If an emergency call fails who should be held accountable for the failure. The operator(Airtel, Vodafone, etcetra) or the laxity of the  policemen in which case the police stations and the masses blames the operator.Who shpuld be held responsible for such a grave issue?

In reality an emergency call never fails. Let us understand the process of the call flow-:

A subscribes via his UE(user equipment) dials an emergency number. In case of an emergency number the call is patched to the nearest network with maximum signal strength.. Irrespective of the operator’s SIM card you are using. If one has an Airtel sim card it doesn’t mean that the call may only happen via the Airtel network but automatically gets transferred to the maximum strength network by any of the vendors in that area.

Once the call is patched through the network it is routed to the BSNL exchange through the MSC(carrier Ethernet network).

Still why does a user never gets to speak to the policemen?(Mostly this is the case, not ALWAYS). At the receiver end sometimes policemen unhooks the receiver from the hook pad to avoid continual pestering. After a while the handset becomes dead.  The EPBX (Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange)board blocks the call or more accurately the UE itself from accepting any calls.



Henceforth any call made via the emergency number is not setup.

Solution-: In order to avoid the blame game by the police administration operators must define a MO in the RNC itself which tracks the number of calls routed to the BSNL exchange. Those successfully setup and those rejected by the exchange.

Audit of these emergency call logs must be done on a periodic basis. So that concerned entity is held accountable for each call failure.

Up Next-: Increasing the efficiency of police stations.

Links(For basic understanding)-:



P.S.-: Needs further addition.


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