The ‘Thing’ with Rama

rama statestman

Lord Rama, a perfect disciple, yogi, warrior, son, husband, king all in all everything. An embodiment of perfection. That’s what the Ramayana screams out to us. Maryada purshottam Shri Ram. The title accompanying his name means ‘pursho mein uttam’ i.e, Foremost amongst males. Indeed.

How so?
I have always pondered over the significance of morality, ethics or principles. Purity so too say? Why the need of so much purity. Why be pure in the first place . I am sure as Rama was the prince of Ayodhya a guy with just the right features and castle balance to woo any  princes or get laid with any 1 around the globe. Then why choose the path of purity, self-restraint Choose the path of shiv to become Shiva(Universal consciousness)?

Compelled by circumstances he was forced into an exile. 14 years long. During which everything happened. The real charitra(characteristics) of Rama was shown to us through many incidents conveyed  in the Ramayana.

Rama stands out with respect to other Indian kings happening over ages as he was the ONLY king of Aryavarta(now India) who conquered the world. Conquered the planet! He conquered Ahiravana the king of america. Then Ravana the foremost among the demonic kings. Slaying demonic forces and re-establishing dharma on the planet is what he did and always stood for.

In the end he succeeded to…

Sages and seers time and again have laid emphasis on controlling our senses. Or more importantly moving internally instead of externally. May be this was the ‘thing’ Rama had. Absolutely  conscious of senses. Perfectly aware that his words, thought and action are always based in selflessness.

Once the physical senses are in absolute control. Mind is defeated. What remains is just absolute awareness. Reality becomes multidimensional. Physical reality the materialism associated with it cannot even touch the one who exists in this state. Having experienced multiple realities the person gains ‘universal awareness’ all things terrestrial become trivial.

Universal Awareness
Universal Awareness. 

Existing in that state there are still duties to be performed. Without any emotions though. An unemotional existence but a sensitive one. Fodder for the senses are emotions.

When man reaches an unemotional existence nothing affects him. Fully focused and with 100% conviction he walks a purposeful path. No interaction in the physical world or metaphysical(astral/ethereal planes of existence) world is without a higher purpose.

Higher purpose has nothing to do with sensual gratification. If the purpose is sensual gratification it will lead to a karmic action. Binding one to the terrestrial plane.

Absolute experiential awareness about this fact is what Rama’s constitution was all about. The ‘thing’ so to say. That extraordinary element which made him the ruler of the worlds.  The glory of rama was this ‘thing’.

A matchless statesman he united clans against demonic forces. Clans both earthly and unearthly. We find the description of extraterrestrial light-warriors such as Hanumanji possessing the appearance of a humanoid monkey, Jambavant – a humanoid bear, Jatayu– a humanoid eagle etcetera.

Collage hanuman jambavanat
Jambavan, Hanuman ji and Jatayu.

All fighting against the demonic forces under the leadership of one man Rama.

In my understanding Ramayana was an intergalactic war. With races participating from across galaxies, star-systems and planets. Much like Star Wars Please go through ‘Lifestory of Hanumanji-by swami shyam’(available online) to get a further glimpse. Also, i shall keep posting on this once i acquire enough research material. Rama himself had a sirian origin. Please check this another blogpost i published earlier. 

I do not understand the abstract concept of GOD. Instead i acknowledge my experiences and move on with it. There is this ‘grace’ elemnt which happens when one works for others. Grace protects the individual against all odds.

Grace is the sum total of all the help existence provides. Grace can take up any form depending on the help. Masters appear as a result of this grace. Masters guide as a result of thi grace. All the great masters are subjected to it. All the masters are one with it.

Once acquired it makes a man invincible. The existence supports him guides him and works for him at each and every point. Rama proved just that with his annihilation of the demonic forces leading towards his ‘ekchatra raj’ over planet earth.

Digvijay Rama the always victorious one proved that with this ‘thing’ called grace one can be everything, get everything the only pre-requisite required is just selfless service towards the existence at large.

The kirti of yashwasi Raja Ram will echo through ages to come. Even in this Kalyuga we see numerous serials, movies, books, comics discussing Ram. Henceforth, proving that the grace element works even when the physical body departs. So much so that his yash-gaan happens even in Kalyug.

Check out the below latest music video celebrating Lord Rama-:

Conclusively, The ‘thing’ with Rama was – ‘Grace’ 🙂

I consider myself totally ineligible in describing RAMA. Numerous books or words may fall short in describing him in all his glory. This was just a futile attempt conveyed in my words of the understanding i have gained whilst connecting to the RAMA consciouness.

Thank you for our time reading this,
Jai Shree Ram!

My humble salutations at the lotus feet of Lord Rama. 

“Sri Rama Rama Rameti, Rame Rame Manorame,
Sahasrenama tattulyam, Rama Nama Varanane||”

Love always ❤ ❤ ❤
Ayush Dixit


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