Interview with the Matted Hair

As a ‘Spiritual Researcher’ a synonymous term for a ‘Yogi’.  I would not like to entitle myself with the latter as it is directly associated with the image we have of a yogi as one practicing really difficult yogic postures standing on one leg and doing all sorts of asanas, postures and things I might call ‘practically unrealisable’.

Being blessed with yogic roots i always wondered as to what yoga is? In its complete entirety. IS yoga simply a group of asanas or postures. Breathing in  breathing out umpteen no. of times. Does It involve only stuff which requires these steps?

Does one have to go to hilltops during winters meditate and all(the general perception we have of Yoga). WHAT IS YOGA?

Here’s a complete interview of a Sadhak I stumbled upon with matted hair thereby the title ‘Interview with the Matted hair’ coz the most striking personality aspect I could relate to or found amazing was simply his huge matted hair. Most of my questions found answers ‘through’ him.

The conversation we had was totally spontaneous with me on the ropes cornered to one side just listening to him with apt attention and asking him relevant questions. When one is completely empty only then other’s words may fill in. No judgements, just listening. 🙂

At that point in time I was his disciple and he was my guru.

Place-: Hanuman Setu Mandir, Lucknow.
Date-: 31-12-2015 (New Years Eve)

I had this inspiration in me to start the new year by taking blessings from my ‘Ultimate Guru’ Lord Hanuman. So visited the temple. Upon entering the temple I laid my eyes upon this saint looking intently in the eyes of deity. Chanting some inaudible mantras.

With questions sprouting in my mind I intended to approach him. But his stern gaze and strict posture made me hesitant as I thought i might disturb him in his ‘Sadhana’ I kept looking at him for a glance as a mark of approval so that I may approach him.

In my experience most of the sadhus or saints I meet-up turn out to be ‘Vasooli Bhais’ in the garb of a saint.

No, but this man was different his gaze powerful and fixed. Lips engaged in Constant chanting of mantras. Eyes fixed, not caring about anyone inside the premises. His demanour instilled in me deep curiosity.

A Matted Hair Saint.

In due time he looked at me seizing this opportunity I immediately approached him. His powerful gaze was sufficient enough to give me an understanding of his stature. Being closely associated with Masters blessing me physically as well as metaphysically. I recognized him as someone to be of the same stature.

Approaching him and initiating the conversation, I asked him his whereabouts. And the reason why he has such huge dreadlocks what was the significance. To this he replied that the huge dreadlocks were because of ‘grace.’ They used to fell of when there purpose was over. Not a style statement. (They were completely natural !)The significance of dreadlocks in my path the path of shiva is of much importance.

On further enquiry, he told me that He never used to cut them but his hairs used to fell down whenever their ‘work’ was done.

And i am like how is this possible? His answer was again the same ‘grace’.
More than a conversation this was a channeling. Coz, he was just flowing with words and started giving his comments on everything.

Beginning with the lifestyle choices of today’s generation. He said why one must wear short dresses when the only need of clothes is to cover our body!?

I was dumbfounded with this simple and childlike understanding of clothes. His suggestion for our generation was to shun fashion. Saying all this is ‘bekar'(useless) Pointing towards his jhangiya(a cloth worn over thighs). He said the main purpose of clothes was to protect oneself from cold. Why wear all sorts of crazy stuff then? 🙂

Pointing to the crowd of beggars which stands in front of the temple. The number is huge if one visits the mandir one can see. He said most of them standing are shaitans(bad) almost ’80 pratishat’ and only the rest 20% are sincere sadhaks or in his terms ‘good’.

Commenting on the state of affairs of pandits in our country he abused and cursed them in Hindi. He only had abuses for them. He said:

“भैया हमसे कोई भी मिले बस प्रेम होना चाईए,
लेकिन ये पंडित किसी की मरी मौत मै भी पैसे मांगते है,
ये करो वो करो.

ऐसे नहीं करना चाईए. गलत है.” 

English Translation-:

“Brother, anyone can meet me only he must have love in his heart. 
But on the contrary, these pandits charge hefty sums of money for different ritualistic deeds even during someone’s cremation. 
*Quoting them* ‘Do this, Do that’. 

This mustn’t happen. It’s wrong.”

Words so simple yet so powerful and just.

Having renounced everything at a very early age saying no to marriage withstanding insurmountable parental pressure. This man was a yogi since childhood. I was really very impressed with the the way he expressed himself. With complete spontaneity and childlike expressions.

Towards the end of our conversation I asked him if he wants anything from me(in terms of money or any seva). To this he replied “How can I ask for anything? Whatever Kali maa has in store will manifest itself.”

Most of the pandas I have met would bargaining assuring of making kripa(grace) available for a definite amount like. 100 Rs one gets kripa. 1000 rs + samosa + green chutney one may get a child. Moving on with prices one continues to get benefits. Higher the price higher the grace higher the benefits.

But this man to my utter surprise asked nothing. Getting a hint of his stature I insisted him to take some money from me and after much convincing from my side. He took the money and apologized for the cuss words he did use earlier in describing pandas. As a mark of gratitude for the things he sahred with me . I bent low and touched his feet. Then he asked me to leave as he ntended upon continuing his sadhana.

I circulated the shrine of the deity and once upon looked at him. He diddnt care about me staring at him or anyone else inside the mandir for that matter. Once again he was standing upright posture stern eyes firmly fixed on the deity. Lips chanting an inaudible mantra over and over again.

I continued on towards the exit of the mandir.  While the world was celebrating new year 2016 with firvour, colours, firecrackers and all. This man maybe even oblivious of the fact that that day was a new year’s eve. Was engaged in tapas/sadhana in attainment of perpetual bliss… Disregarding anything external.

Wondering all along what is ‘grace’ actually? May be this answer will have to wait for sometime more. Can grace be summed up into a definition. For a technical guy like me assessing the world in terms of frequency and energy. Grace remains to be the biggest mystery in my spiritual quest.

Moving on to answer my questions through this experience.

Maybe ‘Sadhana’ is an instrument for elevation. A yogi is the one interested in his spiritual elevation always. Spiritual elevation is –> rise in consciousness from materialistic to universal. 

Yoga is servicing the source/God in anyway possible. It may not involve harsh unreasonable practices but instead must focus on ‘Universal Love based activities’. 

A revelation indeed for an ‘unmatted guy’ like me engaged in the materialistic world 24*7.

Signing of 2015 with gratitude for all the experiences and welcoming 2016 with open arms and a heart filled with love…
A very happy new year 2016 to everyone! Stay blessed and focused for your elevation.

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤ ,
Ayush Dixit

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