Daru and Stuff… (Some FAQs answered)

Ok lets talk about Intoxicative stuffs. Hmmm, yeah i am not so much of a fan of daru(liquors), gaanja, hookah, weed, charass and stuff. Well experience of these things sometimes might be cool. But the question is:

Why indulge in such stuff?
Mostly, individuals take drugs so as to experience something different something transcending our boring daily lives. ‘Escapism’ from the physical reality might be the primary reason for indulging in such kinda stuff.

Escaping from boring 9 to 5 jobs, heart wrenching break ups, Boss ki gaali, career tensions, self-esteem issues, low confidence and other such kinda things. Doing Drugs makes one light headed, free from all tension, anxieties and worries. Fixing one in the NOW. Wherein all shit goes down the drain. Ultimate Bliss. Ahh!!!

But is this a permanent solution for our worries or troubles?
Why is taking alcohol an issue and if not with alcohol than how to achieve a similar state. A more sensible state. Drugs give one confidence no doubt.

But the confidence induced is more like this one.

Like really! Once alcohol goes in only non-sensible Bullshit comes out.

Senses are numbed down. Nervous system responses become a slow process. Harming vital parts of our body.

Here’s a vid explaining the harmful effects of alcohol on our body in a much more detailed manner.

So yea, doing drugs–> not so cool for the body! Remember ALCOHOL IS A DRUG as well.

Not taking drugs isn’t a matter of ‘Sanskars’ or ‘becoming a Baba’.
I mean come on wtf? If someone is caring for his body by avoiding drugs this makes him healthy, wealthy and wise.

Healthy-: Abstaining from drugs or any kind of intoxicants is healthy for our body(refer the above video).
Wealthy-: May it be any kind of liquor. They are all costly. For Price list click here.
Wise-: One talks sensible things instead of just random BS. Thereby not wasting time and energy. Investing the same for constructive purposes. Breaking away from the eat-sleep-shit-repeat cycle. Becoming Wise!

What’s the alternative then?
How to have a high self-esteem, virtues, confidence, sense and good things in one’s life?
How to achieve the ‘state of being in the NOW’ 24*7*365? Being ‘High’ perpetually.

The answer is quite simple. In one word. Silence. Striving for silence.

Why are we running away from ourselves searching for solace hitherto when bliss lies within? No need of external stimulus or catalysts to make one feel better for a while. Silence is a state.

Silence is a perpetual state. When one starts loving silence more than anything else like porn, sex, sutta, hookah, daru, weed etecetera. He/She has arrived. Its like a permanent state. ‘Being Bhand’ 24*7*365 !

Why yogis opt for silence rather than sensual pleasure?
Coz maybe it is more blissful and permanent than anything can provide. One need not depend on anything/anyone.

Plus existence becomes beautiful and more expansive it’s like witnessing the world through HD lenses. An awareness of everything subtle happens. Well, nothing can be said for that state.

The transition is from a ‘Limited consciousness’ operation to a ‘Universal consciousness’. ‘Selfishness’ to ‘Selflessness’.

Looking at things with a universal perspective. Above the ‘me-mine-family’ perspective. For those established in silence there is nothing to talk about. Their mere presence speaks volumes!

Silence is an EXPERIENCE! Wherein words cease to exist.

Existing in that state doesn’t mean that an individual never utters anything. But the words uttered, actions done are all for a reason. A higher purpose. Saying things, doing things which make sense. A conscious way of existing on Earth.

Now this is ‘real cool’ !

How to achieve silence?
Try meditation. Okay, if ‘om om om’ is boring. Try perpetual meditation. Meaning witnessing every thought, word and action. Ensuring that they make sense. Are rooted in unconditional love and non-violence.

Hope this answers most of the questions about ‘Daru and Stuff’

Thank you for your time reading this.

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤ ,
Ayush Dixit

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