Travelogue: Visiting Ayodhya

Lord Rama. The ascetic King. An incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Foremost amongst warriors. A brahmin who was a kshatriya as well.

Ayodhya was the abode of Lord Rama, descendant of the solar dynasty. This heritage place has been a topic of communal discord since many years now. Questions pertaining to Lord Rama’s existence, the importance of the place in spiritual terms physical/metaphysical ways still linger on. Trashing(ignoring) all the above things i went for direct experiential understandings. I was more inclined upon feeling the energy of the place rather than just hearing stories.

Going to Ayodhya made me realize the extent of degradation in consciousness our ‘society’ has undergone. Places of worship are treated as picnic spots. Downtrodden filthy ghats, irreverence amongst the priestly class. Extortionists clad in saffron asking for money in the name of god at every point. Some even drunk!

Made me question our respect for Rama’s ideals and principles which he established during treta yuga conveyed in Ramayana. Are we even aware of the spiritual intensity this place is charged with! Its significance? Or is it just a place where families come to have a good time?

The later sounds more appropriate in defining the present state of affairs.

Solar dynasty in which Lord Rama incarnated worshiped the sun with utmost reverence for it. Worshiping didn’t mean just unconscious following of rituals and tradition. But worshiping carried a much higher purpose. Sun represents dharma in every aspect. To be more precise i shall quote my guru Mohanji on this.

Sun represents the cycle of existence. Sun nourishes, sustains, dissolves or recycles – even water, which can stop fire, is recycled into vapor, rain and then back to rivers by the Sun. It creates change in seasons cyclically. It moves the world and the lives on the world. It creates, sustains and dissolves. Sun is the abode of many beings. These beings are of the same material of our soul, which cannot be drenched, or burnt by any element including fire. Their body itself is fire; or, fire transcends through them, or, they transcend through fire. No fire can harm them. They aid wisdom, not only to mankind, but to other beings in other planes too. These are just a few aspects of the SUN. So, follow the SUN and you will know Dharma in its completeness. Meditate on SUN. Chant Aditya Hridaya. It will eradicate Tamas and make you shine forth. RISE AND SHINE!  – Mohanji

Conclusively, SUN IS DHARMA.

The purpose behind Lord Rama worshiping Sun was inculcation of these divine qualities which Surya Dev represented. 

Animals not only cows were equally treated amongst Ayodhya wasis(dwellers). Lord Rama was a higher consciousness being. Established in the state of universal consciousness. Unconditional love embodied. 

Yet, what i saw there was contrary to everything which Rama taught and lived. This is not only with Ayodhya but mostly all the religious sites which exist today in India. The spiritual sites or mandirs are highly potent energy centers. The common masses ignorant of the fact that these places hold tremendous energy. Instead of meditating upon the deity, basking in the energy of the place. Utterly disregard everything.

Disgusting state of Ghats(jetty).
Disgusting state of Ghats(jetty).

Reaching Ram Ghat, I decided to have a bath in the holy river Saryu. But to my utter dismay. The ghats were not in a good condition. With dogs everywhere. Animal poop lying on the stairs. And what not! Still having a firm intention to bath in the Sarayu whilst paying my salutations to the sun(Surya dev). My Kul devta. I opted for a delta in the river and went there to have a bath while steadily looking at the sun reciting ‘om suryayah namah’ .

Worshiping the sun. Aum Suryayah Namah!
Sun Salutations. Aum Suryayah Namah!

I could feel vibrations in my hand. Which has been my experience whenever i connect to a higher consciousness. So it works! What is needed is purity at every level . Utmost reverence for the deity. Emptiness of framed up concepts.

When one has all of this he/she experiences existence in all its entirety.

Surya deva meme _/\_ .
Surya Deva _/\_ .

The love vibrations from the sun energized me. I felt my spine infused with solar energy. A solar experience!

In my understanding, this is what holy places are for. To sit and meditate. Bask in the energy of the place.

On the contrary, I saw people quarreling inside temples. Pandas extorting. Litter on ghats. Totally unfit for bathing purposes. Witnessing such things totally destroys the bhakti bhaav(love vibrations) with which one arrives at such a sacred place.

Police Checkings at every point. Pic Courtesy-: Indiatoday
Police Checkings at every point.
Pic Courtesy-: Indiatoday

Visting ‘Ram-Janambhoomi’(Birthplace of Lord Rama) surely takes the cake though, it was one harrowing experience! It was like going to have a look at a high profile criminal passing through scores of checking booths. Under a tunnel fenced up on all sides. Individuals were frisked at every point by the authorities just to ensure that nothing can harm Lord Rama or the place!

Only to get his darshan for a few seconds.

Made me question the significance of all this. In those seconds of darshan. One cannot even have a proper look at the deity let alone connect with him or meditate upon the idol. What are we aiming for then? One’s spiritual elevation? Or just mindless stalking of the idols?

Idol Darshan becomes a futile exercise if latter is our aim.

Sad state indeed!

A concluding message-:

High time we regard places of worship as energy centers endowed with tremendous potential for spiritual elevation. Only if one is accepting, silent, empty, devoid of all pre-concepts about the place. Then connection in consciousness happens. Deep silence within happens.

Otherwise-: well try malls, hill stations, lounges, parks, Sunburn(musical festivals), television, cinema, trekking, etecetera if the purpose is going for a recreational activity with friends and family.

Please refrain from doing so in temples. Coz It destroys the sanctity of the place. Dishonors the deity. On top of that discourages sincere sadhakas(Spiritually Conscious individuals) from meditating upon the deity.

Thank u for your time reading this, please take home the message if it resonates.

Jai Shree Ram! (Do we really mean it though?)

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤ ,
Ayush Dixit

One thought on “Travelogue: Visiting Ayodhya

  1. Ayush, if I could, Id like to share with you what I experienced after reading your blog. I was hesitant for some reason. Connecting with beautiful souls is an incredible boon. First I was so deeply moved by the picture if you in the Ganges. The writing was so touching and so highly pure that for the few hours after; I had to go to work, but I was suffused in the most beautiful loving and pure energy. When I was driving home, I actually had to pull over because the energy that was flooding my being was so utterly tender and beautiful, I couldn’t think straight. I just kind of kept expanding until when finally in a parking lot, I just floated. The warmth centering in my root and sacral chakra. The few days after that, the feminine aspect of me felt really…supported and loved I think. Something I think I had been longing for..from someone. But, not just anyone. It has felt like an incredible blessing. I’m very greatful.
    The love I was feeling has been bordering on total adoration. History is perfumed with the most beautiful bhakti/bhaav connections. Rumi described it as “A Glance.” Something that shifts and changes you; that stirs your soul in the most beautiful and auspicious of ways. Love that is so Pure and Divine that a poet could perhaps not even touch.Wherein just looking, beautiy surfaces.
    That elevates you.
    There is just a beautiful simplicity to it.
    After that certain things started to happen…questions, I think stated being answered.
    I just thought I would share instead of keeping it inside.

    Thankyou ❤


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