Krishna and the Sirian Connection

Before attempting a read of this write-up, I shall urge the reader to please have an open mind and a rational approach. Also, do have a look at my previous write-up on Krishna titled ‘Decoding Krishna’ where-in I talk about Krishna’s previous incarnations in different yugas.

I only covered his two HUMAN incarnations namely Lord Kapila and Lord Rama. In this write-up I shall move on and throw some light on his NON-HUMAN incarnations such as Matsya Avatar and Narasimha Avatar simultaneously talking about Krishna in much more depth.

I have been a spiritual researcher since very early on. I looked at the spiritual texts namely Puranas, Vedas, Ramayana and Mahabharata with a universal approach. For me they always contained much more info than what was visible on the surface. Researching further, I found out many subtle hints encoded in those texts.

Self-contemplation, analytical diagnosis and most importantly surrender to the universal will enlightened me to facts which somehow explained many of Vishnu’s incarnation logically and much more meaningfully than what we normally can conceive of or come across.

*Oh! And I shall substitute Krishna with Vishnu quite often because they are the same soul. Krishna is Vishnu’s embodied physical form in dwapara yuga. Bear with me. 🙂 


The debate about whether life exists on other planets and all. Are we alone? Well, it’s foolhardy to think that we are alone in an universe teeming with planets, galaxies, star systems. NASA already has confirmed that extraterrestrial life indeed exists !

Enormosity of our observable universe ! Is it not foolishness to assume that we are all alone in the universe?
Enormosity of our observable universe ! Is it not foolishness to assume that we are all alone in the universe?

And this is just the observable universe we are looking at !

What if life on earth was seeded by technologically and spiritually advanced extra-terrestrial entities? A possibility, eh?!

Though the topic I am covering in this write-up requires extensive research.  Frequent/ every-day contacts with extra-terestrial races by individuals possessing a higher consciousness proves that the entities we are talking about do exist. We may not see them with our limited consciousness operating only in the visible region of light. But they are very much here and active.

We see almost all of Vishnu’s avatars depicted as ‘blue skinned’. The colour blue and his incarnations always go-together. Imagining what Krishna might have looked like isn’t so hard for those who have seen the cult movie ‘Avatar’ by james Cameron. Here’s an image.

Avatar Movie Half human half na'avi
Avatar Movie – Half human, Half na’avi.

The theme around which the movie revolves was how this guy with a ‘human/limited consciousness’ takes an extraterrestrial body(a Na’vi body) and then sort of incarnates on their native planet Pandora. To complete a mission. Wooooo! Rings a bell… Let us now reverse the storyline, change places and consciousness .

Drawing a parallel-:

Planet -: Pandora
Consciousness -: Limited(Human)
Physical vessel named -: Jake’s AVATAR.
Native origin -: Earth
Mission -: Just stupid destruction of flora and fauna to gain some minerals–> A Selfish Operation.

Planet –: Earth
Consciousness -: Universal
Physical Vessel named -: Krishna
Native origin -: Sirius
Mission -: Preservation of Dharma. Annihilating the bad guys. Liberation. –> A Selfless Operation.

In the past, many individuals/clans/tribes have had contacts with the spiritually advanced Sirian civilisation. Those existing in a higher consciousness state have channeled information regarding the type of civilization and entities living there.

Video Courtesy-:

Please do have a look at the video before reading any further.
Most of the gathered info in the video is from an ancient tribe the dogon tribe which was in contact with the sirian civilisation during ancient times.

Analyzing the type of description given for the four types of races inhabiting the Sirius star system -:

Type 2 -: Feline race may explain the NARASIMHA AVATAR OF VISHNU.


NaraSimha Avatar- Feline face with a human body depicted in blue.
NaraSimha Avatar- Feline face with a human body depicted in blue.

The job was the same in this avatar too. Destroying negative entities and re-establishing Dharmic order.


An excrept from the video-:
“According to the Dogon, a race of half fish and half human beings descended from the sky on west Africa and taught the dogons many things including sharing information of their home world. “

Half Human and Half fish - Matsya Avatar, depicted in Blue.
Half Human and Half fish – Matsya Avatar, depicted in Blue.

Half fish and half human being sounds like Matsya avatar of Vishnu !

This indicates that Sirius has overseen earth’s planetary evolution since many eons. When we start looking at things in this way considering an extraterrestrial involvement in earthian affairs, intergalactic wars such as Mahabharata and Ramayana may be explained. Building of the rama bridge. Profuse use of nuclear weapons in the Mahabharata war. Intergalactic travels through vimanas (conveyed in the Vaimanika Shastra) . All of it makes much more sense. Once we take into account the above perspective.

Moving on, to Krishna now.

Krishna depicted in blue holding the flute.
Krishna depicted in blue holding the flute.

It is said that higher frequency vibrations exists in love. 432 hertz is the love frequency emanating. The love frequency is 432 hertz. What are its effects, well please do have a look here…

It is a gateway towards healing and well-being. Scientifically proved already !

Guess at which frequency the divine instrument bansuri is attuned at. Well the exact same frequency the LOVE frequency.

Which may explain Krishna’s love for music and musical instruments particularly bansuri 🙂 . The purpose behind Krishna playing this ‘divine instrument’ was never to attract young girls. Well, he played it for the well being of everyone around him. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE In operation. A primary aspect of the Higher consciousness !

These were all scientific arguments discussing about krishna and his non-human incarnations.

On top of that, here is a channeling by the Lord himself 🙂 _/\_ .

An Excrept-: 

It is not widely known, but the Hindu culture in India was seeded there by Lord Krishna, from His home planet “Sirius” (“Krishna Loka”) in the Sirius A Star System.

Most of the information that follows was channeled from Lord Krishna Himself, through His channel, Trillia Gia and myself, Rananda. He has given His permission that this may be published now, as part of disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on and around the Earth right back to ancient times of pre-history.

In my personal opinion, I have always looked upon deities, gods, demigods as entities at a higher position in the spiritual evolutionary ladder. Elder brothers and sister on the path of ascension. My aim has always been to BECOME THE DEITY rather than worshipping the deity a whole lifetime. Which made me research facts rather than just blindly believing anything said. Most importantly my personal metaphysical experiences made me realize the multi-dimensionality of our human existence. Thereby giving me deep understandings into the subtleties of existence.

I am aware that through this write-up I have challenged rigid belief systems, comfort zones and may be religious sentiments. By giving a logical, sensible, scientific and an universal approach to many myths associated with Krishna and his avatars. I shall therefore urge the reader to research further Instead of having a closed mind to any new information challenging our pre-programmed intellect.

Debating is good though 🙂 . I am open to logic or any counter arguments.

Oh and stay tuned for more !

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤ ,
Ayush Dixit

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10 thoughts on “Krishna and the Sirian Connection

  1. A brilliant hypothesis! But I must play devil’s advocate for the following reason:

    The star system of Sirius is located at the sign of Gemini (as per the Nirayana/Sidereal zodiac) in the Nakshatra of Ardra. And the ruling deity of Ardra is Rudra, the God of transformations. And this Nakshatra is well-known to bring about major changes and transformations. It does not match with the energy of Krishna at all. It’s more likely that the “Rudras” (a race of humanoid beings created by Brahma) live here.

    I’m also aware that life exists in other planets, but I have to be very skeptical about this individual’s claims of “channeling Krishna”. Chances are that she’s just channeling some spirit in the astral plane posing as Krishna.

    I’d be less skeptical if she had referenced the star system of Shravana, which is ruled by Vishnu 🙂

    I’d strongly recommend a thorough study of the 27 Nakshatras to understand how these star systems operate. If the Nakshatras can exert an influence on us from several light years away, then their influence on the adjoining planets can only be stronger.

    A very astute hypothesis nevertheless, and keep up the good work 🙂


  2. A follow up to my previous comment….

    I researched this a bit further and actually found that the Yoga Tara of Ardra nakshatra is Betelguese, not Sirius. So the characteristics ascribed to Ardra nakshatra apply only to Betelguese.

    I’m not aware of Sirius being referenced as a Yoga Tara for any nakshatra. So your hypothesis might actually be correct.

    I’m still skeptical about this channeler’s claim of communing with Krishna. But this is a fascinating field of research nevertheless.

    I also enjoyed reading your analysis on Matsya avatar (half fish like the Dogon) and Narasimha avatar (feline race).

    Please keep posting and keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Mukund,

      Thank you for reading and assimilating all of it. The research is on an experiential ground. Nice to know that you enjoyed reading the post.

      The naskshatra analysis is one i refrain from as my research is more on scientific and experiential ground. I understand that this kind of perspective related to krishna is something new and unheard of. But truth is truth. What we need maybe is looking at our history with an open mind. Extraterrestrials have influenced human civilization since time immemorial. The human constitution as we know of today has genes and DNA strands which scientist cannot explain or relate to the Darwinian theory of evolution even to this day.

      There is still much to research on this subject and i shall keep posting stuff here.

      You can subscribe to my blog and get notifications as soon as i am done with a post.

      Thank you for your time,
      Love Always ❤


  3. Hi Ayush..It is a wonderful article.. I totally second your thoughts because it’s been quite some time I have been researching on the same topic out of curiosity and everything leads to one single conclusion. If you want then you can also read about pleiadian starseeds and also one of the article by sadhguru where he describes his journey of mansarovar. He gives a first hand account of the seemingly other worldly and inexplicable phenomenon occurring there. I am glad to have stumbled upon this piece of writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Shreya,

      Thank you for your interest. I know about Pledian starseeds 🙂 . Beautiful beings have experienced them. For more about the same you can also read “Decoding krishna” and “A christmas gift from unearthly friends”-I share my Extraterrestrial encounter. Btw Sadhguru’s take on it is primitive as it is for the common masses.

      Stay Tuned!

      Also, If you are further interested in researching for the topic. Let me know 🙂


      1. Yes Ayush I binge read some of your articles and I must congratulate you on your deep knowledge of scriptures. There is an overwhelming amount of information today on the Internet about ETs which sometimes leads my mind to question it’s sanity. Nevertheless my intuition encourages me to pursue it. Your writing felt like home ( if that makes any sense ). I am eagerly waiting for your new writeups. I would recommend you to visit puri Jagannath temple. The experience is ecstatic. And yes I would love to research more and would like to know about your opinion on whether the governments know about ET activity.
        PS- I would rather term the sadhguru article as raw information. Anyone who is unaware of the phenomenon would have reported it in a similar manner (myself included).
        Best wishes and Happy Janmashtami 🙂


  4. Mostly the information which is available on ET’s is more speculation and less facts. Portraying them as negative entities here to do more harm than good. This cannot be further from the truth. More on this in my next blog 🙂 .

    Yes every government knows about them. Even the indian government. They have concealed every encounter and information about ETs because it will lead to crumbling of the system as we know it.

    I am glad that you resonate with what i have shared. Actually Shreya i myself am looking for a team of like minded people who can take this further. It is really hard to find people with an open mind and who can digest the truth as it is that too in a dogma cripled country such as India. So thank u for that.

    My email Id is -:

    You can contact me there and we can discuss more on this. If you have any questions i will be glad to answer.

    Happy Janmashtami to u too…
    Radhe Radhe 🙂


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