I am a believer and here is my message to the atheists.

Well am not a ‘believer’ actually, but  an ‘experiential spiritualist’ exactly. I trust my experiences and believe the associated understanding with them.

On belief systems, principles, dogmas, customs, rituals or traditions-:

Assertion : Without the repeated following of these customs salvation(liberation) may not happen.

Proposition : Taking an example, let us say that one day we have an extraterrestrial contact with a humanoid race. Previously we had, as there are historical proofs-: Pyramids, cave paintings shout it loud. Let us say ET races do exist. When they land on earth. What would they be wearing ‘a tilak’? ‘a topi?’ ‘a saffa?’ ‘a cross?’ or any other religious symbol? Since going by our belief system liberation cannot happen without following a set of beliefs isn’t it? So, those ET(Extra-Terrestrial) races will not attain salvation or liberation at all !! Thus implying that GOD is so cruel, partial, unjust and unfair!! But religions teach us that GOD is benevolent, impartial, just, compassionate and expresses unconditional love. So aren’t the customs or rituals contradictory to the teachings of religion itself ??!!

UFO Depiction on Pyramid walls.

Conclusion :
Unconscious repetition of rituals without experience is against the very teachings of religion itself  hence should not be followed until and unless it is trans-formative and changes the basic constitution of the individual. Instills love, sympathy and compassion(positivity) towards ALL.

About the present Education System and the New Age.

Education system today is more of a money making industry. Do we have any idea of our true human intergalactic history ?! Numerous channelings from extra-terrestrial civilization is happening now does our education system cover this? Are we even aware of our true History and Human genome constitutions?! Love being the basis of existence is the common thread underlying every channeling or messages coming from angelic, alien, inter-dimensional realm etc… Does our Education System throw light upon this as well? Factually, our present education system is limiting our awareness level, it is feeding us concepts and beliefs rather than experiences….

A crude perspective of dimensions.

Hence, Education System of today is inadequate, limiting, fear-based, money based and promotes selfishness, greediness, competition (materialistic approach towards life) rather than making us conscious about the multitudes of realities.

About ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’:

Talking of inter-dimensional and multiple realities, parallel universes, parallel earths. Isn’t this possible  that if higher dimensions having higher frequencies exist lower dimensions may also exist called heaven or hell?! As the immediate physical reality we see is a 3D one. What about realities with 4 or 5 dimensions 6 or 7 may be 10 or 11 dimensions?  With our physical eyes will we be able to perceive those dimensions ?! Unless and Until we operate from a different equipment(third eye may be!!) Maybe, the yogis, saints, avdhootas operate not from physical senses but from something else CONSCIOUSNESS may be?!! Or ‘Chetna’ as the ‘Sadgurus’ have called it.

Hence, proving that GOD cannot be proved but can only be ’experienced instead’. So, the whole idea of ‘Atheism’ is based on a false belief!!!! Atheism is – ‘I don’t believe GOD exists cozz there is no proof.’ Well man, your beliefs or opinions are limited to your conditionings  and associated understanding of the conditionings covering only the physical reality in general. Hence, how can you ‘believe’ that GOD exist when you are only aware of the physical reality which is temporary.

And as Einstein said-:

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

So isn’t Albert Einstein hinting at something very ancient. MAYA(Sanskrit name for ‘materialistic illusion’) may be?!

All the above reasons do have a logical conclusion and they are-:
1. Idea of atheism is based on a wrong notion.
2. Ancient scriptures or texts may have hinted at alternate realities and ways to experience those realities by not attaching to the immediate physical one(keeping away from MAYA  and senses!!) .
3. To experience GOD – express your basic nature as you are GOD. GOD is in unconditional love and selfless service.
Resting my case. 🙂

Open to any suggestions or counter-logic. Through debates knowledge expands. So please feel free to share your opinion on this.

Thank you for your precious time reading this.
Love always ❤ ❤ ❤

2 thoughts on “I am a believer and here is my message to the atheists.

  1. Religion is a dogma, drama, a fanfare and a fan following. Religion barely has to do anything with spirituality, the reality. Spirituality is the search, to know first and then believe what have been experienced. Experience is a deeper term and it shouldn’t be based on any previous learning. Any leaning at all. Here is link where J Krishnamurti tried his best to define one of the subtle parts of our understanding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWviUF6KdE8

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