Media – A Circus of Negative Entertainment

Okay, so a popular Bollywood celebrity recently got married to a lucky gal. Wow awesome ! Now please tell me what this has got to do with me, my family and the society at large? Why are we wasting spaces in newspapers, tabloids writing loads and loads of articles on the couple. Describing their attire, relatives, venues, banquet hall, ritual drama, etcetera.

Who is a ‘celebrity’ firstly? What are we celebrating? The meaning less song and dance around trees, the cheeky dialogues, demeaning lyrics objectifying women which make no sense even if repeated many times over. Why should we celebrate people who contribute nothing worthwhile to the society?

If a particular celebrity is spending millions on a wrist-watch, a salwar-kameez, a kurta-pyjama or anything else. Is having an affair with two, three or a bevy of ladies. WHAT SIGNIFICANCE OR IMPACT DOES IT HAVE ON US?! Why waste precious time and energy covering such irrelavant news items. I don’t think it should be called ‘NEWS’ even!

News is supposed to be something which makes one aware of important daily activities. Nationally or Globally. How is a celebrity marriage important or even relevant to our daily lives?

No relevant content to show only purposeless distraction.
No relevant content to show only purposeless distraction.

For a consciously aware person/outlet there is no dearth of topics to show or conduct a healthy discussion upon. In these times, technological innovations are happening at a freakish pace. With the change in earth’s frequency there is a massive increase in positive initiatives been undertaken world over. Why not cover that? Create a ‘domino effect’ by planting positive thoughts in the mass consciousness? Create an intellectual environment for bright sparks?

Media serves as an instrument for thought seeding. If only, the media focuses upon positive topics, on creating a conducive background for positive actions instead of TRP oriented news items revolving around Rape, Murder, Torture, lewd jokes or similar purposeless things. We could very well use media as an instrument for collective positive change.

Seriously, Who gives a rat’s ass about Mr X hooking up with Miss Y?(bedroom stories) Certainly not people with a definite sense of purpose in their lives! In my observation our tendency to suffer them fools gladly has turned media into a circus of negative entertainment.

Who is a ‘Celebrity’ then?
For me a celebrity is one who contributes something positive to the society. A guy/gal whose presence ignites, drives people towards a positive action. One who leads by example. Does what he says. In that case, our soldiers are celebrities, individuals feeding the poor, the hungry doing it behind invisible camera lenses with no expectancy attached. No expectancy for fame, money or anything. Doing selfless activities just for their hearts content and not for pseudo-appraisals over national/international news networks. They are our celebrities!!! Simple.

Maybe the increase in rapes, violent crimes is because of the negative thought seeded by news networks 24*7*365 non-stop!  Furthermore, adding to it our main-stream films, propagating the message of ‘daaru'(liquor) and illicit sex, embedding them subtly in song lyrics. What kind of action will these thoughts lead to? Bhajan? Kirtan? Chanting? Well, I don’t think so. The end result will obviously be negative. Increasing cases of drunk driving, rapes other violent crimes happening nationally just go on to prove my point. Hence, somewhere media is surely responsible for the booming crime rate.

Stop Negativity, Embrace Positivity - ASAP!
Stop Negativity, Embrace Positivity – ASAP!

Solution :
Media is a reflection of the collective consciousness. Only a Collective consciousness can change a collective consciousness. Thereby, blaming anyone for the content shown is ignorance. It’s high time for those sensitive and conscious individuals to group up, take initiatives in their hand – catalyst positive things up. At an individual level – social media is the answer. Collectively, making sure that salt of the earth finds more publicity rather than scum of the earth over worldwide media. 🙂

Thank u for reading this,
Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤
Ayush Dixit

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