Decoding Krishna

An Avatar of MahaVishnu. Krishna remains as the most intriguing, versatile personality humanity ever saw. A King, lover, husband, musician, politician, warrior, wrestler.  Krishna was everything. Successful in every aspect. Krishna excelled in fact more than excelled in everything he did.  Before talking about Krishna let us understand the term ‘Avatar.’

An avatar is supposed to be the one with something extraordinary in a divine respect. Whenever humanity has been on the verge of extinction due to its corrupt practices mainly because of insensitivity and over-emotionalisation of things. This guy took birth brought reins in his hand delivered the wicked and went on to accomplish the herculean task of preserving dharma.

Even it is said that God Hercules and Lord Krishna are one.

Let us look at Krishna in few of his different Avatars happening over time.

Krishna as a master did incarnate before as Sage Kapil who gave the Sankhya Philosphy. Delivering the essence of religion giving a purpose to the human life. He showed the way to one’s self. Swami Vivekananda called Kapila Muni “the greatest psychologist of the world has ever known”. Sage Kapil avatar happened when humanity needed gyan/wisdom. ‘The greatest Psycholgist’ hmmm.

Looking from the perspective of soul evolution that is inculcation of skills in an individual’s constitution. May be Krishna got his spiritual eloquency in this avatar! (which may explain bhagvad gita)

Then Krishna incarnated as Lord Rama. An avatar born to teach humanity fundamentals of living. Why faith and purity were important and essential in achieving Liberation from the birth-death cycle. Ultimately, his Job being the same- Preservation of Dharma.

Finally, we see Lord Krishna incarnating having all of the previous personality aspects of each of the avatars. The skills/talents inculcated in his previous lifetimes were put in practice in this incarnation . In this avatar we find Krishna leading armies(Lord Rama aspect), giving knowledge (Sage Kapil aspect), delivering Bhagvad Gita the essence of all the scriptures in a nutshell while in the battlefield. Looking in this forward direction we may begin to understand how Krishna became a totally versatile soul. Perfection embodied. The add-on in this avatar being ‘mischief’, ‘playfulness’ and may be a seeming flirty personality. 🙂

Krishna's sequence of Avatars-May explain inculcation of skills.
Krishna’s avatar happening over time. Vital in understanding inculcation of skills in an individual’s constitution.

Through his different avatars Krishna moved on to become more and more powerful and Versatile.

We can understand the phenomena of inculcation of skills through his journey.

Why Krishna was chosen?
At times of universal crisis, let us say a planet going towards utter and complete destruction. Highly elevated Souls incarnate on that planet in order to save it from a great deluge. Earth being a planet . Human emotions attached to temporary things have time and again brought this planet on the verge of extinction/termination. In order to save It from complete annihilation the Universal Consciousness working through a Master itself takes embodiment.

Now comes the interesting part. Though all the masters are one with the source. Why was Krishna chosen as the one for incarnation at that point in time? Why not Haidakhandi Babaji, Sai Baba or others chose to incarnate? Krishna having diverse multiple experience of handling earthian lifetimes ascending while on it doing the job ‘James Bond’ style(leaving the ‘getting-laid-every-now-and-then’ part 😉 ) without getting attached to anything terrestrial, made him an apt choice.

Krishna-the guy who incarnated himself whenever things got out of hand.
Krishna- The guy who incarnated himself whenever things got out of hand.

A ‘James Bond with a higher consciousness’ as I would like to entitle him. He did the job of preserving dharma extremely well in fact par excellence. How?

1. A brilliant military strategist, he orchestrated the whole Mahabharata war in which though he himself never commited any violence still cleverly making instruments killed the bad guys responsible for bad things.

Krishna strategically managed the war for the pandavas, guiding them making sure the wind was always in favour for the Pandavas. Implementing saam, daam, dand and bhed. Historically speaking, Pandvas had a relatively smaller army when compared to Kauravas. Pandavas strengthened to about 7 Akshaunis while Kauravas to 11 Akshaunis.

He gave his personal army(Narayana-Sena) to Kauravas on their request and himself sided with the Pandavas as a sarthi. Who needs an army when the commander of all the commanders is on one’s side 🙂 .

Arms are just means of winning a war. Amount of arms never guarantee winning a war. Brilliant Strategical advantages sure do. Krishna proved this with winning the war for the pandavas.

2. How detached he was or more aptly ‘mission oriented’ can be gauged by the Radha relationship. Radha being the twinflame of Krishna. She was Sita in her previous lifetime during the ‘Treta-Yuga.’ It may have been excruciatingly painful for him to dissociate from her and leave Vrindavan. Still he did it. And only met her after completing the job he was assigned. Imagine someone with totally the same thinking, interests and inclinations. The attraction between them was more than magnetic. It wasn’t terrestrial love for sure but more than that can be called a ‘soulful union.’(Union at the soul level). Eventually, he disassociated .(what needs to be done will be done! ) As the story goes he never married Radha 😦 .

Soulful Union - Pure and Unconditional love beyond physical limitations.
Krishna and Radha. A Soulful Union – Pure and Unconditional love beyond physical limitations.

3. Possessing an influential persona with it subtlety of the highest level. Animals, men and women alike desired his association which further proves his ability to handle diverse personalities. People in him saw a mirror reflecting themselves. Krishna was fluid – a flowing river.

4. Supreme personality of godhead which he was. An apt title – I mean obviously one needs to have a charming personality in order to attract gopis 🙂 . He was jack of all trades and master of all as well.

5. His walk-talk even minor associations with individuals elevated them to higher dimensions. Brought upon cleansing. Unburdened karmic baggage. What he did he only knew. Even the then existing society labelled him, envied him, from time to time many attempts on his life were made. But Krishna survived them all. Untouched, unscathed he continued to do his job of preserving Dharma at an individual moreover at a collective level. Completely selfless his skills and talents were at the disposal for the welfare of existence alone.

How did he do it?
In my understanding, Yogeshwar Krishna controlled the situations instead of situations controlling him. 

Let us take the example of a panic stricken or a grief stricken situation-if the situation makes one’s react that is instills panic, grief or fear in oneself. The situation is controlling you.

If instead one responds to the situation remains ‘sam’( stable) irrespective of the chaos outside not getting affected by the emotion that particular situation triggers. Then, instead of ‘reacting’ one ‘responds.’

Krishna in the Mahabharata proved just that by delivering the gist of all the scriptures(Bhagvad-Gita) while in the battlefield amidst chaos, grief, pain, cries of battle.

Krishna instructs Arjuna
Krishna Delivering the Bhagvad-Gita in the Battlefield.

What he had to do he did . The immediate purpose been guiding Arjuna into the Dharmic path and reminding him of his duty of annihilating the Kaurav army.

Instead of situations controlling him he controlled the situations.

What needs to be done will be done! He used to say. No matter the situation or circumstance. Krishna was always the emerging victory. A man whose name became synonymous to victory itself.

Through Mahabharata, Krishna taught us a great lesson in leading life whilst on earth.

Human constitution, is subject to fleeting emotions. Situations trigger emotions. Man comes in sway with the emotions. And instead of doing what needs to be done (Dharmic Duty) flinches from the path and makes up ‘karma’ instead. Action attached with emotion creates Karma.

‘Dharma’ is ‘action with a purpose’ – performing duty with detachment.

Krishna was on a dharmic path since birth. Things happened through him. Many instances in his life just go on to show that he indeed was extra-ordinary. Every action performed had an associated purpose.

A higher purpose of liberation. Spreading the message of unconditional love. Leading by example. Amongst all the higher masters Krishna was one with a good personality.

No avatar has found a larger mass appeal or a wider reach than him. Masters did happen from time to time. Those connected to the source but none like ‘Krishna’. A complete Avatar.

Everyone having varying constitutions found identification with some aspect of Krishna. Connecting with him. His charm and persona echoed through ages.

Human mind has failed and still fails to understand the consciousness which the physical entity named ‘Krishna’ represented. Interpretations of him differ with the level of consciousness an individual possess. For some Krishna is a god, for some a lover, a friend and for some a ‘chep’ (playboy)! Yea! Some have even coined phrases such as-:

कृष्ण करे तो रासलीला,
हम करे तो करैक्टर  ढीला !!

Seriously?!!!! The ‘Real Krishna’ though was frameless. Krishna to us is what we make out of him. Krishna is us! Krishna reflected the person’s constitution onto them. Unless we are one with him in consciousness. Krishna is but our mind’s projections.

Instead of analysing him, we should live the teachings.  With the Understanding that attaining the stature of ‘Supreme Para-Brahma’ which Krishna represented is the primary goal of one’s life.  Supreme Para-Brahma is a state where physical limitations cease to exist. Man rises in awareness becomes multidimensional. Tastes existence in all its entirety.

Becoming Krishna must be our aim. His personality must be looked upon as a means of connection. Sticking to the personality will not elevate. Watching movies or serials on Krishna which portray him in all sorts of mind-appealing mannerisms will only entangle the mind to his personality. Only and only living the teachings can raise awareness- expand one’s level of consciousness.

Conclusively, analyzing Krishna is futile. When one is only operating from the mind. Krishna can only be EXPERIENCED!

Krishna is an Experience – Encompassing Everything.

Jai Shree Krishna _/\_

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. -: The above write-up has emanated out of my own experiential understanding of the Krishna Consciousness. Lord Krishna represented the pinnacle of human evolution. I have given my commentary based upon my understanding level.

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